Welcome to theedinburghblog.co.uk

Welcome to thedinburghblog.co.uk and it’s very first posting!

As a resident in Edinburgh for two years I have created this to document day-to-day life in Edinburgh and allow persons to read of “goings off” in the Capital.

The aims of this blog are simple:-

  • To blog events specific to Edinburgh.

That means if I have something interesting to say about Scotland’s capital I will write it up on here. If I see something of note, take a photograph to share, visit a restaurant of note, find a great bar or other entertainment venue it will go up on here. If I find something interesting out about Edinburgh, learn of some great offer or upcoming attraction, read an interesting fact or trend my aim is to blog it here. And If all else fails I’ll just moan about the weather :-)

I hope you will find this interesting and a good personal source of Edinburgh info and Edinburgh provoked discussion. If you have some discussion to raise or Edinburgh information to share please write in.

We’ll see how it goes…

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  1. Hi there and welcome to the ‘blogosphere’!
    I have been publishing French Edinburgh for the past 8 months, and have just started blogs for events in other languages (Spanish, Italian and German). Please let me know if you publish anything relevant (eg Restaurant reviews etc.) and I will gladly include a link in my blogs!

    Bye for now,

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