Why I’m never using grub2u again

If you do a search through past articles on The Edinburgh Blog for “grub2u”, you will see I have used this online takeaway delivery service for Edinburgh reasonably regularly and fairly loyally in the past. After another wrong order on Sunday night I will not be using grub2u again.

I know not whether the fault is with grub2u and the system they use to deliver orders to the takeaway, or whether it’s just sheer incompetency by the receiving takeaway. However, you would expect one of the key advantages of ordering online to be accuracy in the order i.e. your order should be there in black and white. Seemingly, more often than not, this is not the case with grub2u and what you receive from one of the participating restaurants does not match what you ordered.

The latest example of this was a simple order on Sunday from the Thai takeaway, Ayutthaya. I clearly ordered the following dish that was confirmed in an e-mail to me:-

43/p - Gaeng Phed
Pork in a mild red curry with sliced bamboo shoots and herbs.

What I actually ended up with was prawns in a mild red curry. I don’t like Prawns! So the dish went straight in the bin and I didn’t particularly like the thought of eating just rice. What a waste of money! The strangest thing is red curry with prawns isn’t even listed as a dish on the Ayuthhaya order page on grub2u. Not impressive.

As good an idea as grub2u is in theory; in practice this has proved one too many mistakes with my orders through their online system. I won’t be using grub2u again. Orders seem to be more accurate when phoning the takeaway direct and they also seem to be quicker too! grub2u: nice idea, but the underlying service just isn’t up to scratch. Goodbye!

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  1. I have used Grub2U a few times and have always found the service very good. Perhaps it was the actual takeaway you ordered from that made the mistake.

  2. As I understand it, Grub2U faxed the orders - and your credit card details if that’s how you paid - to the individual takeaway places. So it’s probably the fault of the takeaway place.

    Not that it matters - Grub2U’s domain name expired, so I guess they’re out of business. (I was just googling to see if anyone had mentioned a reason why.

    Grub2U wasn’t brilliant (it paled in comparison to the glorious Rushour), but it was nice to be able to order food online.

  3. I am sorry to hear about the problems detailed here I followed up on the comments and Ayutthayas answer was that the only reason they can see is that the chef may have mistaken the p in 43/p for prawn instead of pork. As a matter of interest were your complaints registered with the free hotline or sent to the feedback. We do sometimes have problems with orders and will follow up on any complaints, however the orders are sent through exactly as we receive them.

    Grub2u is still in business, the name registration expired and it took weeks to get back. We will do our best to catch up with Rushour.

    Alan Hogg
    Grub2u.com owner / manager / designer and dogsbody

  4. i must admit, we are massive fans of grub2u

    i hate phoning for food, example, couple of weeks ago, i had a few friends leftover from a party the night before, we wanted a filthy dirty pizza, from the finest purveyor of filthy dirty pizzas (ahmed’s tandoori on newhaven road) unfortunately these guys dont use grub2you.

    as i explained the benefits to my friends, i highlited the fact that i would have to shout on the phone and repeat my order and address several times, and correct dear old ahmed, who’s english isn’t too strong and then live in fear my order actually getting to the right address etc.

    i then phoned up with my order and my weary friends were in stitches as i stood shouting my address in patronisingly clear english about ten times.

    i ended the call utterly stressed out!

    also i wonder if grub2u could provide a service for my door buzzer too!, as when they arrived and i said “great, we are up on the second floor” i stood at my door listening to the guy get out of the elevator at the 3rd floor, then the 4th before taking the stairs down to mine!

    in your case, i’d definately say the fault was with the resteraunt, i can only wish more places adopt grub2u as i do like a few places….mmmm kings balti….

  5. That is why i have come up with TakeEway Keep thing simple Check out the site for all the takeaway menus you’ll ever need http://www.takeeway.com/

  6. I have also (successfully) used grub2u.com in the past. However, for my last order I was charged twice. Albeit annoying, as long as this is refunded promptly this would not put me off using the service again as I believe it is probably a mistake at the individual takeaway involved.

    However I did notice a much more worrying problem with the website. The page that takes your payment details is plain and simple http and not an encrypted https page. This is analagous to sending your credit card details through the post on the back of a postcard!!

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