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Having gained the taste of Thai food from Edinburgh’s excellent Dusit restaurant, and not having the ingredients nor interest to prepare a home-cooked meal, I ordered in some Thai takeaway from Ayutthaya on Nicholson St in Edinburgh. This was through [see more reviews of grub2u in the takeaway section or by searching The Edinburgh Blog for grub2u]

Anyhow things started off badly with grub2u throwing a spanner in the works. After entering my postcode (to list available restaurants for my locale) I spent a good 10 minutes browsing the menu of ‘Thai 2 go @ Domethong’. I placed the order and less than 10 minutes later the restaurant phoned back and advised they were located in Portobello and would not deliver as far as Edinburgh city centre. A complaint mail to grub2u promptly ensued - Thai 2 go should not be listed as delivering for my postcode.

The other choice was Ayutthaya. Here I ordered, for two of us:-

  • Por Pea Tord (¬£3.50). aka Thai Spring rolls
  • Geang Keow Wan (¬£5.95). aka Pork in fairly hot green curry
  • Gaeng Supparod (¬£5.90). aka Chicken in red curry
  • 2 lots of Kao Plao (¬£1.30 each). aka fragrant steamed rice

Delivery was within half an hour, so very prompt. The delivery man was friendly and had brought all the goods in a nice plastic carrier. I thoroughly checked the order, given my previous experience with takeaways from grub2u not delivering the full order contents. There was no such problem with Ayutthaya. The food was also piping hot. So full marks to Ayutthaya in this sense.

Full Thai takeaway order from Ayutthaya, Edinburgh via grub2u dot com Por Pea Tord from Ayutthaya, Edinburgh via grub2u dot com

And I have to say the food was rather tasty indeed. The spring rolls, or por pea tord if you prefer, were delicious and with the accompanying sauce were an absolute treat. I guess spring rolls like this lend themselves well to takeaway food orders. The rice was, thankfully, as described :-) Both curries were very good indeed for a takeaway order. The green curry had a nice sting in its tail and contained a generous portion of decent quality pork strips. The red curry, which I thought the nicer of the two, was done well too and provided a milder taste. The amount of coconut in each was just right. Perhaps there was slightly too much of the ‘curry sauce’ in each, but this is common with takeaways filling their delivery dishes to the brim. Overall this quality takeaway compensated well for the fact our first choice Thai takeaway (Thai 2 go @ Domethong) did not deliver to us.

I’d never heard of Ayutthaya before for takeaway Thai food, but with excellent service and very good quality takeaway it’s a place I’m happy to have tried and will use again in the future. Bottom line: A good Edinburgh Thai takeaway.

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  1. I’m decided to use grub4you to order from Ayuttaya after reading this article and was really dissapointed with the outcome.

    On valantines night I ordered a meal for two (£40 roughly) I have been to most Thai Restaurants in Edinburgh and have been to the likes of the Blue Elephant in London and really some top places and this must have been the worse.

    The food was delivered 40 minutes late (despite having ordered 2 hours in advance and selected a prefered delivery time aswell as calling to confirm) When the food arrived, a rude grumpy polish sounding chap simply moaned and said ‘i have to be quick im late’ The Tom Yum Gai had leaked everywhere so we were one soup down, the ‘whole honey and spices glazed chicken’ was cubes of dried, flavourless chicken and lots of bone! One plus were the sauces, which were excellent and you could tell they were fresh. But this is my only compliment.

    I phoned up and spoke to the manager who was apologetic but offered no proper explanation apart from saying ‘the food quality does differ in busy times’ I atleast expected a partial refund or perhaps a free meal to compenstate but nothing.

    I’m glad you had a better experience with the place, maybe it was just because it was busy, but surely any good restaurant knows how to cook to high standards under pressure.

    Anyway thanks for the article all the same, maybe I just had a one-off bad experience. Not going to risk it again though!

  2. I have used thai2go @ domethong thai restaurant plus thai2go @ portobello high street and have found them to be one of the best.
    think grub2u has real problems with their postcodes as i used to live near city centre and had problems with their systems before, thankfully i am now in the eh15 area for my favourite takeaway and restaurant meal
    city centre restaurants over charge anyway

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