Takeaway from Guru Balti Restaurant - quantity but not quality

The Guru Balti Restaurant’s takeaway has quantity in abundance. The takeaway menu has over 180 items and, as the pictures below demonstrate, the portion sizes are monstrous; the naan bread dwarfs the plate with the curry on. “Good food quality is our business” proclaims The Guru Balti Restaurant’s menu. However, based on my evidence I’d struggle to agree. This definitely wasn’t one of the better Indian takeaways I’ve eaten in Edinburgh, infact it was average at best.

Mixed kebab from The Guru Balti Restaurant, Edinburgh Chicken Balti Bhuna and Pilau Rice versus Plain Nan, takeaway from The Guru Balti Restaurant, Edinburgh

I placed an order for collection at the Guru Balti restaurant, which is close to Edinburgh’s Fountain Park. The waiting time was only 10 minutes. I ordered:

  • Mixed kebab starter (£4.50)
  • Balti Chicken Bhuna (£6.95)
  • Pilau Rice (£2.95)
  • Naan bread (£2.75)

At a total cost of £17.15 the Guru Balti doesn’t provide the cheapest curry you’ll ever eat. It would have been an extra £2 to have the Guru Balti home deliver. I found the lack of a free delivery option surprising, as free delivery seems the rule rather than the exception in Edinburgh. Perhaps the Guru Balti concentrate more on their restaurant, although when I arrived to collect my order there was only one couple seated.

What I do find puzzling, and this isn’t criticism solely of the Guru Balti, is the lack of complementary poppadoms. When spending £17 on takeaway I think it’s fair to expect such perks. Anyhow I got home and unpacked Guru Balti’s brimming carrier bag.

The mixed kebab was lamb, chicken and sheek. The amount of meat here was quite frightening and the lamb was quite fatty. I found the chicken to be very bland as was the sheek kebab. The sauces and small salad the kebab was served with were the highlights. The naan bread really was humongous and quite decent. The rice was perfect, infact among the the best I’ve had. Unfortunately I found the curry rather runny and it lacked defining flavour. There was too much sauce and it was way too bland. The chicken, although plentiful, took too long to chew and was rather rubbery. I finished the meal absolutely full to bursting point, but disappointed with the quality and taste of the food.

The Guru Balti’s takeaway menu states “Remember our portions are larger than normal”. Fair comment. It’s just a shame the quality isn’t anything above average though. With so many Indian takeaways/restaurants to choose from in Edinburgh and none serving particularly meagre portions, I don’t think I’ll return to the Guru Balti.

The Guru Balti Restaurant is located at 9 Dundee Terrace, Edinburgh, EH11 1DL.
Telephone: 0131 221 9779 or 0131 221 1281.

3 Responses to “Takeaway from Guru Balti Restaurant - quantity but not quality”

  1. I have recently moved back to this vicinity, and am surprised by the Guru’s demise. In the past, I have enjoyed both sit-in and takeaway from here, but recent visits have left a bitter tandori-like taste in my mouth. The food looks hap-hazard and tasted bland, the Nan breads have shrunk considerable and atmosphere is utterly dreary.

    Back to basics please.

  2. I’m baffled by both your comments. I’ve had the pleasure of ordering from the Guru for at least 10 years and find it the most consistent and enjoyable Indian meals in Edinburgh.

  3. Also surprised by negative comments. I’ve been going to this restaurant for around 5 years and have found it consistently enjoyable. Great for work/friends groups! The portions are massive too!

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