Just the Wok and no Wine (this time)

If there was an award for most extravagant home delivery menu by an Edinburgh takeaway then Edinburgh’s Wok & Wine next to Rick’s, on Frederick St, would surely win with ease. The takeaway menu that was posted to my flat is maroon in colour, with a card cover and stapled through the middle. However Wok & Wine also have a sit-in restaurant that I guess the takeaway menu tries to lure you to with it’s quality. So Wok & Wine certainly has the style, but in need of some Chinese food for substance I placed an order through telephoning their restaurant, that rather confusingly has two phone numbers, an Edinburgh number and a freephone number listed in their menu.

Credit cards are accepted for collection only - so be sure to have some cash or a cheque available if having delivered to your home. It’s a minimum order of ¬£15, with free delivery (saving ¬£1) if the order is over ¬£20. This takeaway certainly isn’t the cheapest Chinese home delivery you will find in Edinburgh, although not all takeaways will have such dishes as leg of lamb, scallops or monk fish on the menu.

I started off with steamed beef siu-mai (beef dumplings at ¬£2.90) and prawn crackers (¬£2). It’s worth noting that the food was delivered in very good time, came very hot and was well packed and served in heat conserving plastic containers. I received four dumplings and these were absolutely delicious, infact worthy of being served in a Cantonese restaurant. Never before had I been able to count the number of prawn crackers on 10 fingers though! For ¬£2 I did feel the quantity of these did not offer good value.

Steamed beef siu-mai from Edinburgh's Wok & Wine Prawn Crackers from Edinburgh's Wok & Wine

Onto the mains and I had Cantonese roast duck and char-siu (BBQ pork at £7). The accompanying boiled rice I ordered was £1.80, and for this you receive a healthy serving. While the duck and pork was of very good quality, I found this dish incredibly dry and regretted not ordering a dish that comes with a sauce. My friend had the Cantonese roast duck with plum sauce (also the Wok & Wine typical £7). The sliced duck was very good quality and cooked well. The plum sauce had an authentic quality about it, and was evidently freshly made and used good quality plums. This is an encouraging sign with Chinese takeaways and a good mark of quality.

Cantonese roast duck with plum sauce from Edinburgh's Wok & Wine Cantonese Roast Duck and char-siu from Edinburgh's Wok & Wine

After a few too many beers the night before I didn’t order any wine from this takeaway restaurant, but all 750ml bottles cost ¬£8 and they have four whites and four reds to choose, mainly from Chile and Australia. Also available are wooden (¬£0.85) or lacquered (¬£1) chopsticks, whose availability makes a nice touch, should you want a more authentic home dining experience.

Overall Wok & Wine provide a higher quality, borderline premium, home delivery service for Chinese based cuisine. The quality of the food was very good as was their service. Their set dinners at £12.80 per person or banquet at £16.80 look interesting, and if wishing to serve a meal approaching restaurant quality at home Wok & Wine would make a good choice. Sampling of their seafood dishes would be an interesting future task, as would a trip to their quaint looking restaurant on Frederick St.

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