Edinburgh’s Best Indian Takeaway: Delta

It’s taken a few years but I’m now reasonably confident to label Delta on Roseburn Terrace Edinburgh’s Best Indian takeaway. The Edinburgh Blog’s judging criteria is quality/taste, value for money and service. Delta Indian takeaway, which is solely a takeaway/home delivery operation has consistently met or exceeded my expectation in all three categories. Oh and regular readers will know I value an Indian takeaway which provides complementary poppadoms. Thankfully Delta manage this feat!

Chicken balti from Delta Indian Takeaway, Edinburgh Chicken Pasanda (not full portion) from Delta Indian Takeaway, Edinburgh

Delta Indian takeaway is housed in small premises on Roseburn Terrace, perfect for picking up a curry on the way home from Murrayfield. All customers are offered a complementary coffee, which given the obvious link with alcohol perhaps isn’t a bad idea. That said the take up is probably low. Delta also have a good range of newspapers to read while you wait. The takeaway’s menu is a professional affair: thick paper, stapled sheets and impressively styled typography. Thankfully when the words come alive there is no disappointment.

The Balti set dinner for one person has surely been devised for those with insatiable appetites like myself. For ¬£10.95 you receive Sabzi Pakora (5 tasty pakoras and side salad), chicken balti, pilau rice and nan. Given the sizable portions it’s somewhat acceptable (depending on size of your appetite) for your partner to order just a curry and share the rice and nan from the Balti set dinner. Delta Indian takeaway’s Chicken Balti is absolutely delicious. The portion size (including chicken) is good, but it’s the taste, which has bite but not too much which really impressed me. I also like a Balti which mixes the ingredients up so the plentiful onion and green chillies boosted this dish to Balti brilliance.

My fellow curry lover enjoyed Delta’s Chicken Pasanda (¬£6.25), which has only been bettered in Edinburgh by the extra creamy Pasanda of Sonar Gao. My pakoras were pretty good and I enjoyed the sauces they were served with. Curry dishes from Delta hang around the ¬£6/¬£6.50 mark, nans just ¬£1.95, side dishes ¬£2.95 and pilau rice a fair ¬£2.25.

The staff at Delta Indian takeaway are very friendly and the quality of takeaway food they produce is of little surprise. I have always collected my Indian takeaway order from Delta but friends have spoken highly of their delivery service (free delivery for orders over £12). The menu is fairly standard Indian takeaway fare, although some good fish and vegetarian dishes are available.

Overall I think Delta offer a great balance of quality curry, great service and value for money. Delta is my preferred Indian takeaway in Edinburgh and, through my experience alone, definitely Edinburgh’s Best Indian takeaway,.

Delta Indian takeaway is located at 27 Roseburn Terrace, Edinburgh, EH12 5NG

UPDATE 16/11/2008: Ordered home delivery from Delta on Friday night. Quoted 1 hour delivery time, but it was actually 1 hour and 50 minutes. After phoning up after an hour I was told it would arrive any minute. I phoned up again and was told three separate drivers with three orders were on the roads, but he didn’t know exactly when my order would be delivered! More honesty would be a good thing. All dishes tasted good but they could have been warmer. Disappointingly no complementary poppadoms either. Maybe this article should be changed to Delta is Edinburgh’s best Indian takeaway, so long as you don’t order home delivery on Friday or presumably Saturday nights.

Telephone: 0131 3468973

11 Responses to “Edinburgh’s Best Indian Takeaway: Delta”

  1. Had the same problem with this takeaway - food is OK but NOT worth the wait of nearly 2 hours.
    Not ordering from there again as there are plenty of good Indian takeaways in Edinburgh!

  2. Awful place - food was was cold,certainly not worth the 2 hour wait - never again!

  3. I just ordered a delivery from Delta,
    1, They gave us and charged us for extra food we DID NOT ORDER.
    2, Half of the food was lukewarm or cold so not very appetising.
    3, When I phoned to complain, the manager was very abusive, rude, unhelpful and I later received 2 more phone calls from owners/managers telling me i was a liar and ‘this business has been running 19 yrs with no complaints’ etc, ( they did agree to refund ¬£8 of my ¬£28 bill for the error but overall,

    Wish id went to macdonalds :)

  5. AND they have not even refunded the £8 as agreed!!!!!!!
    Im sticking to chinese.

  6. I was recommended the Delta by a friend and have ordered from here loads of times! They do tell you when you order how long it will take which is normally around an hour (between 1-2 hours at weekends. It is well worth the wait as i have never had a bad curry, there is plenty of chicken/lamb in the dishes and it is always cooked to perfection!! I would not go anywhere else for a curry and most of my friends and family order from here and i have never heard any complain about the food. Would defo recommend!!

  7. all I can say is that if you have to wait 2 hours for a takeaway they must be doing something right. They must be busy for a reason.

  8. Cannot fault the Delta, those who have left bad reviews have been incredibly unlucky. The Delta is one of the best takeaways in Edinburgh, wish they would open a restaurant!

  9. The Delta is amazing. We travel in from Linlithgow regularly as it beats any other Indian takeaway! The food is always cooked to perfection. Yes, at busy periods the wait can be long due to how popular and amazing the Delta is but they always give indicative waiting times when you phone in your order. We phone in order, drive in and collect and drive home and the food is always warm enough to eat. Best takeaway by far!

  10. I have used the Delta since the day it opened and cannot praise it enough. Food is excellent, prices have not gone up much over the years, and staff are friendly and courteous. Sometimes the waiting times are not accurate but let’s face it, things can go wrong. It states it is not a fast food takeaway, the wait in my opinion is well worth it. Nan bread to die for and usually more poppadums than ordered. I must pass around 10 Indian takeaways before I get to the Delta. I have tried most to see what the difference may be, but always go back to the best.

    Hunter no. 1

  11. Delta is a brilliant takeaway, I’m from Whitburn and I regularly travelled to Edinburgh for their Saag Gosht. The owner has recently renovated the Masonic Arms in Bathgate and has opened up a restaurant called Heritage. Brilliant food, and the head chef is from Delta too.
    I got a free complimentary Cobra there too whilst I waited (they also have a bar)

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