Edinburgh’s Best Chinese Takeaway: China Palace

When choosing the best Chinese Takeaway in Edinburgh The Edinburgh Blog was looking for a takeaway which did all the usual favourites, including prawn crackers, to an extremely high standard in addition to offering excellent value. I’ve been a frequent takeaway customer of China Palace restaurant. China Palace is based on St Bernard St in Leith but they offer delivery across Edinburgh, which costs between 85p and ¬£1.50. If you visit the restaurant in person to collect a takeaway order China Palace have a seated area, where you can enjoy complementary prawn crackers and read the day’s newspapers. The computer monitor displays a list of pending takeaway orders and China Palace’s popularity is evident from the list’s size.

Takeaway King prawn with cashewnuts from China Palace restaurant, Leith, Edinburgh Takeaway roast duck with mushrooms and mini spring rolls from China Palace restaurant, Leith, Edinburgh

The food at China Palace is consistently very good, staff are extremely friendly and service is prompt. The menu is extensive and offers a good mix of well-known dishes, like lemon chicken (¬£4.30), and more adventurous ones, like squid with green pepper and spring onion (¬£5.10). In addition to the usual banquet meals, they offer several promotions and ‘meal deals’ which are particularly good value. If you spend over ¬£8 you receive free prawn crackers, over ¬£13 you can additionally choose a free dish, over ¬£20 adds free delivery and over ¬£30 gets you one free half of crispy duck or bottle of house wine plus the prawn crackers and free delivery. Usually I reach the free dish tier and choose free spring rolls - the free dish must be one of spring rolls, fried rice, lemon chicken, sweet and sour chicken, beef curry or apple fritters.

On my latest visit I ordered duck with pineapple (¬£5.70) and king prawn with cashew nuts (¬£5.00) plus 2 portions of boiled rice totalling (¬£1.70 each). This meant I qualified for the ’spend more than ¬£13′ promotion and I certainly enjoyed my customary free spring rolls. This is excellent value. However it can lead to overeating as it is difficult (impossible!) to turn down a free dish. China Palace’s prawn crackers are, for some reason, spectacularly nice and way too moreish.

My fondness for pineapple is growing by the week, so duck with pineapple is an ideal dish for me. The pineapple tasted fresh but it was the superb duck which stole the show. China Palace really don’t cut back on the meat content of their dishes - the quantity of duck can only be described as generous. The king prawns were stir fried with a selection of vegetables and cashew nuts. The portion size was pleasing, with a large number of fresh and juicy king prawns. They were well cooked with a tender meaty texture and thankfully didn’t exhibit the tough chewiness of overcooked prawns.

To date I’ve not eaten in the restaurant. Sometimes I have seen it busy, sometimes not. The restaurant does have a lot of floor space. However, it would appear an awful lot of China Palace’s trade is gained through their well run and very well executed Chinese takeaway operation.

Over the years I have tried various Chinese takeaways in Edinburgh, but none have impressed me as much as China Palace. Their cooking is simplistic, but done consistently well. Basically China Palace is as close to the perfect stereotypical Chinese takeaway I have found in Edinburgh. Therefore it seems fair to state China Palace as being Edinburgh’s Best Chinese takeaway.

China Palace is located at 27 Bernard St, Edinburgh, EH6 6SH. They have a freephone number 0800 389 0489. Additionally the Edinburgh number is 0131 554 5292.

Heavily recommended.

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  1. Thanks for the recommendation. I’ve seen this place a few times, but haven’t yet been in. You’ve persuaded me. :)

  2. Best chinese meal ive ever had!! I bought two meal deals and another couple of main dishes for a party of 8,which only came to £37,delivery very quickly,was hot and delicious. Would recomend the China Palace to anyone.In fact we have changed a family meal out to have this again in the summer!

  3. I’d agree with the “best in Edinburgh” tag, for delivery at least.

    Personally I think the food from the Loon Fung IS better but it’s a lot more expensive and is better as a “sit in” restaurant as opposed to a takeaway (which they do, but it’s expensive)

    The “free dish” the China Palace offer with orders over ¬£13 is a GREAT idea ! Why would you go anywhere else with this value and food that, although far from authentic chinese, represents some of the best “western” chinese food in town.

    Very reasonably priced (esp when u consider the freebies) and quick delivery/fresh ingredients. Good stuff !

  4. Will defo take a look at China Palace

    Personally found New Lee On restaurant (just up from Kings theatre across from The Apartment Restaurant) a great cantonese restaurant and have been going back for the last 25 years - food amazingly good value and tasty - sitting in in the basement restaurant isnt much more expensive than a takeaway. Im not sure where else you can have a set meal for 2 people for under £30 these days

    Sure the decor is very basic but when the food is as tasty and cheap then I dont care. The place is always filled with the local chinese community which is always a good sign.( would say its not as good takeaway for some reason though pity)

    Have tried the ‘posh’ chinese places in Edinburgh (Loon Fung, Kweilin) and found them to be more about the decor than the food - cant beat Lee On and I have converted lots of friends too.

  5. Have you ever tried Ocean takeaway (12 Crighton Place)? It’s a few blocks further down from China Palace between the two silver bowls actually. Main meals are cheaper and quite generous too. You get free prawn crackers when over ¬£7, free salt and spicy wings when spending over ¬£15 but you have the choice of other starters if the wings are not suitable, free bottle of juice when spending over ¬£20 or a bottle of cheapy wine instead of juice when spending over ¬£28. There’s no free delivery but lot of freebies to make up for it I feel. Local delivery is ¬£1 anyways. Meal deals available too which is handy for people on the cheap, aka me students. I have tried Chinese takeaways mostly in the middle of Leith walk and other places use way too much colouring or taste bit bland. Actually prawn crackers are only moreish because of the msg.

  6. Prawn crackers being moreish has nothing to do with msg, it’s all about the density of the initial mix and the quality of the tapioca flour…

  7. I’ve had 2 takeaways from there in the last 3 years. The first one, I ended up having dreadful food poisoning so we didn’t go back.

    Then we thought one evening, maybe it was just a bad night and ordered again. The same thing happened.

    It used to be excellent, about 5 years ago but the quality is just gone.

  8. I saw this blog and tried China Palace as a result. I have to say it was one of the worst chinese takeaways I’ve had.

    The delivery took well over an hour to arrive, and when it did the food was cold. The chips were very overcooked, no potato left in them at all.

  9. I really like it, it’s a good chinese, and i’m sorry, but you really can’t judge a chinese takeaway by the quality of it’s chips - go to a chippy!

  10. If you’re looking for REALLY cheap and good quality Chinese food, try Jiuding at 30 Albert Street. Medium portions from ¬£2 to ¬£3, and large portions from ¬£3.50 to ¬£4.50. Two cans of juice for orders over ¬£10.

    Their Roast Pork Chow Mein (aka char siu) is incredible. I found one of their crispy shredded dishes to be a bit lacking in meat between the batter, but everything else I’ve had has been either comparable with or better than other local takeaways.

    Four dishes for a tenner can’t be bad…

  11. I think the buffet is not freash go to jimmy chungs !

  12. Do they do Salt and Pepper spare Ribs? A must for me…

  13. David Williamson on December 3rd, 2010 at 9:21 pm

    Out of all the Chinese takeaway shops in Edinburgh that I have tried I would say that Jiuding on Albert Street is streets above with different portion sizes cheap dining and wonderful staff who greet you on entry even the delivery service is fast pending on how busy they are.

    The food is always excellent, (try the Salt & pepper chicken you will not be disappointed)

  14. Without a doubt Jiuding is THE best in Edinburgh. There are a lot of takeaways in Edinburgh and it definitely cannot be beaten, actually just waiting for an order now :-D, the Crispy Shredded Chicken in Honey Chilli sauce is a must!

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