Curry In a Hurry (aka The Raj restaurants curry home delivery)

Curry In A Hurry is a home delivery/takeaway service provided by The Raj Indian restaurant, which is located by the Shore in Leith. They offer free home delivery. For £14.95 Curry In a Hurry supply two curries, 2 rice, 2 free bottles of Indian lager, 1 naan bread, 2 poppadoms and a pot of ’spicy chutney’. Although you can order individual dishes from their standard Indian menu. On Saturday the ‘meal deal for two’ offer proved too tempting, so I dialled Curry In a Hurry (aka Leith’s Raj restaurant) and waited for my order.

With an insatiable appetite for curry and all accompaniments I ordered an additional plain naan bread (£1.85) and samosa (£1.95). You specify when ordering which type of curry you would like - we went for a Chicken Bhuna and Chicken Korma (you can choose lamb or prawn variations). The order arrived in two bags: one for the beer and one for the food.

Chicken Bhuna, Samosas, Indian beer and rice from Curry In a Hurry, Edinburgh (aka The Raj restaurant in Leith) Chicken Korma and Rice from Curry In a Hurry, Edinburgh (aka The Raj restaurant in Leith)

The chicken in both curries was quite dry, which was a shame, although the quantity of meat in the curries was substantial. The sauces were decent, but perhaps a little uninspiring, especially the Bhuna. I also didn’t notice any tomatoes with the Chicken Bhuna, which made this somewhat of an anomaly. For each of the curries I would give 6.5 out of 10: OK, but lots of room for improvement. The rice was good and the naans were large, fresh and showed a good consistency; although they soon became lukewarm. The poppadoms were good, although I wasn’t sure about the ’spicy chutney’ - it was quite odd, displaying an artificial appearance. The poppadoms would have been better with some traditional ‘mango chutney’ and onion salad. My samosas were very tasty - cooked to perfection and holding a plentiful quantity of lamb mince and peas.

I really like the concept of the meal deal throwing in a couple of Indian beers. These were two 330ml bottles of ‘Tikka Gold’. I’d never tried this make of beer before, but it proved a decent accompaniment to the meal. Although I’d still prefer a pint or two of Kingfisher with my curry.

This Curry In A Hurry proved a substantial feast - there was some smug satisfaction, together with an excruciatingly full tummy, once it had all been devoured.

So The Raj’s kitchen didn’t provide the best curry I will ever eat, but neither was it the worse. For the money it’s decent value, although could be substantially improved with a few tweaks. Will I order again from Curry In a Hurry/The Raj? For the price, yes I probably will. Decent value and worth trying - it won’t break the bank!

Curry In A Hurry can be contacted on 0131 476 2567. Their website contains details of the ‘meal deal for two’ and also has a full menu to browse online.

3 Responses to “Curry In a Hurry (aka The Raj restaurants curry home delivery)”

  1. I really like the name curry in a hurry. i think its an imaginative injection of genius into the world of take away curry. Raj, you have enhanced my life.

    Merry Christmas to one and all at curry in a hurry.

    Lots of Love and Kisses,

    Amjid Ashrad

  2. very overpriced should have gone to curry in a cup(:

  3. I have now used Curry in a Hurry a number of times. Last time everything floated in oil and very disappointing but tasted ok. Last night however I tried them again. Much less oil which was pleasing tho my pakora was still loaded with the stuff and unfortunately exceptionally bland. I ordered the Bhuna and my partner ordered the Dhansak. Both looked great but had enough fresh Chilli in them to feed India for a month, and other than this were bland. For a nice meal on a Saturday night I’d have thought some consistency in flavour and quality might be possible. As it seems impossible to get this from Curry in a Hurry I would reccomend going elsewhere

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