City centre cupcakes at Bibi’s Bakery

The cupcake revolution continues and the latest combatant is Bibi’s Bakery, on Edinburgh’s Hanover St. This is the bakeries second branch, building upon the Bibi’s brand success in St Andrews. There’s no sit-in area in the very pink and very attractively decorated shop, so it’s takeaway only. As well as offering a great selection of individual cakes for puchase, Bibi’s cater for weddings and other special events. There’s also cupcake classes for adults and children; the latter providing a messy, but fun party opportunity. All cakes are made in the shop and you can see the kitchen staff hard at work through a window on Rose St.

Cupcakes from Bibi's, Edinburgh Cupcakes from Bibi's Bakery, Hanover St, Edinburgh

The cupcakes are £1.50 each and there’s a great assortment of regular flavours alongside special flavours. We sampled the lemon, cookies and cream, and, After Eight cupcake flavours. All of them were fantastic; big flavours, frosting to die for and an amazingly moist sponge. With a product this good Bibi’s Bakery will surely prove a sure fire Edinburgh hit. All of their cupcakes were selling well, with the possible exception of the chocolate chilli (definitely not suitable alongside my cup of tea). On a slight downer, the service wasn’t as cheery as the decor - maybe the very cold weather had got the spirits of the serving staff down.

Bibi’s Bakery know a thing or two about cupcakes and their expertise has been put to great use, with a range of terrifically flavoured cakes. All of which are lovingly and expertly prepared. A very tempting addition to Edinburgh’s city centre!

p.s. According to their website, Bibi’s also offer a brownie - I can’t wait to try that!

Bibi’s Bakery is located at 37 Hanover Street, Edinburgh, EH2 2PJ.
Telephone: 0131 226 5563

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  1. I had a brownie the day the shop opened and it was indeed delicious, as was the banoffee cupcake I had.

  2. I have passed this place and longed to go in! Glad to know it’s kid friendly. Pity the service wasn’t cheery though.

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