Another grub2u order from Lancers Brasserie

Well this evening I ordered in a curry from Lancers Brasseries in Stockbridge, Edinburgh using the website. I was supposed to have ordered enough for two of us, given the minimum order is £15:-

  • Samosa (¬£2.25)
  • Sabzi Tikka (¬£2.25) This is ’shallow fried vegetable fritters’
  • Chicken Bhuna (¬£4.95)
  • Ghee Bat (¬£1.95) This is Basmati rice with fried onions
  • Chutney and Pickles tray (¬£1.45)
  • Nan (¬£1.75)
  • 2 x Popadom (¬£0.50 each)

However, what I actually received was an incomplete order that took 90 minutes (their advertised time is delivery within 60 minutes). The fried vegetable fritters and both popadoms were absent from the delivered order.

I ended up with mango chutney, onion salad, etc. but no popadoms! Not impressive service given they had so long to prepare the meal. I just signed the credut card slip when the delivery driver came and did not check the order contents, so by the time I had noticed it was too late to do anything. Not sure what would have been done as the credit card amount had already been keyed and printed: all it needed from me was a signature. In future I guess going through the order piece by piece is a must, but I’d prefer to have trust that what I actually order is what’s delivered.

The actual curry was ok, with plentiful chicken in the Bhuna. The nan was near on stone cold and the rest of the meal couldn’t be described as piping hot though. The whole meal was soured by the missing popadoms and starter though. I don’t see why it is so difficult to prepare an accurate order, and it’s enough to put me off using Lancers Brasseries again; it’s not like there isn’t choice in Edinburgh.

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  1. […] Last night, after the weekends excess boozing, I was in no mood to cook. The truth be known: I’m never in a mood to cook :-) So I logged onto and ordered 2 popadoms (50p each), Chicken Bhuna(¬£5.25), 2 x Pilau Rices(¬£1.90 each), Pakoras(¬£1.95 per portion), Sag Aloo(¬£2.35) and a a plain nan(¬£1.55) from the Verandah restaurant in Dalry, Edinburgh. This was to share btw. Unlike my previous experience with Lancers Brasserie in Stockbridge, Edinburgh using grub2u the food arrived in good time (just over half an hour) and was piping hot. If The Verandah can manage this then I am not sure why Lancers Brasserie could not. […]

  2. I have recently taken over the responsibilites of customer service for, I read both of your experiences with concern and will investigate the matters in detail.

  3. I don’t think, if is working. Why dont u guys try ordering from instead, it has over 1300 restaurants. You can order from your local restaurants.

  4. Dr. Phillip Roy on July 10th, 2010 at 3:41 pm

    After a long weekend i decided to order in from Lancers Brasserie in Stockbridge. I have to say it one one of the best curries i have had in Edinburgh in a long time and will be definatly be paying another visit! The Chicken Jalfriezi was a great choice with a sag aloo side order.

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