Scott May’s Daredevil stunt show at Musselburgh

Explosions, car stunts, human canons and monster trucks. What a night out! That was my thinking before last Wednesday’s trip to Musselburgh’s Goose Green firework field (by the racecourse) to see Scott May’s Daredevil stunt show. This was the second night of Scott May’s Daredevil stunt show after the previous evening at Ingliston Showground. We parked on Millhill as the side street (Balcarres road) up to Goose Green firework field was packed with cars. There was a small queue at the mobile ticket van, where we were disappointed to see a half price ticket queue. We payed the full fee of £10 per adult; children under 16 cost £5.

Bandit Monster Truck at Scott May's Daredevil Stunt Show, Musselburgh, Edinburgh Scott May's Daredevil Stunt Show, Musselburgh, Edinburgh_030708_0616

As you’d expect there were a lot of children at Scott May’s Daredevil stunt show, although some weren’t the best behaved. The show was stopped at one point while some children were asked to descend from a van’s roof which they had climbed to get a better view. I estimate that 2000 people were at the show, helped by the good weather. The show was supposed to start at 7.30pm but was delayed around 20 minutes.

Scott May’s Daredevil stunt show started with a parade of the show’s stars (all male apart from one female) around the periphery of Goose Green firework field. It wasn’t long before a car jumped a ramp and smashed into another car. A small pyrotechnic added drama to the impact. A series of bike jumps, leaps through fire and driving on two wheels followed. All stunts were narrated with varying humour. Sumpy the Clown, driving miniature vehicles, raised more laughs with the young children than the adults, who soon found him slightly irritating.

The most impressive stunt was Scott May himself who wooed the crowd with ‘Precision Parking’. After the interval some members of the crowd, who had won the raffle, rode around the field in the back of the Slaine monster truck. It wasn’t long before all the heavy motorised vehicles were speeding over the cars Scott has sourced from a local scrap merchant. My favourite was Thundertrax, although the larger ‘Bandit’ monster truck was a good finale.

A hot dog / burger van and merchandise store, which seemed to be do a brisk trade in t-shirts and replica vehicles, was also at the show.

Overall I enjoyed Scott May’s Daredevil stunt show, although the lack of continuity between stunts meant it never peaked into the truly explosive and adrenaline pumping action show I was expecting. Instead it had some excellent individual stunts and other stunts which were less exciting. The stunt show is not something I would go and watch each year, but is worth seeing at least once. Also children will be thrilled by the more explosive / larger stunts.

Further photos from Scott May’s Daredevil Stunt Show, Musselburgh, Edinburgh are available.

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