Santa feeding his reindeer at Santa’s Reindeer Garden

Santa’s Reindeer Garden in West Princes Street Gardens closed today, to give Santa plenty of time to prepare and deliver his presents, but for the past eight days the reindeer gardens have entertained children and adults alike. The Edinburgh Blog braved the sub-zero temperatures a few days ago to witness Santa feeding his reindeer’s at first hand.

Santa Claus feeding his reindeer at Edinburgh's Reindeer garden

A pen had been constructed in West Princes Street Gardens which housed at least ten reindeer, all on loan from the Cairngorm Reindeer Centre. Outside the pen was a post-box, which was packed full of children’s Christmas present requests from the hundred or so children who were stood waiting for Santa. Just before 1pm Santa’s bell began to ring and he began his slow walk to the Reindeer pen, albeit with a rather well built security guard by his side. Quite why the hired help was needed; I’m not so sure. Soon children were running up to Santa, so his walk took quite a while. After collecting his mail Santa entered the Reindeer pen and began to replenish the dwindling stocks of food for the reindeer. With Santa’s advancing years he was helped by a couple of other staff. It was great to see all the reindeer, with a plethora of differently shaped antlers, congregating at the front of the pen - obviously the cold temperatures had worked their appetite up.

Reindeer at Edinburgh's Reindeer Garden.jpg Reindeer being fed at Edinburgh's Reindeer garden

I have to say Santa’s Reindeer Garden is a great idea and gives West Princes Street Gardens a great Christmas attraction, which complements the more lively and more expensive Winter Wonderland in East Princes Street Gardens (the reindeer garden was free to look around). Just standing by the reindeer and watching them wander around was entertaining enough, especially as this was the first time I’d seen live reindeer.

Adjacent to Santa’s reindeer garden was Lapland Village, The Home of Santa. Inside the joining wigwams Santa held his own storytelling sessions and workshops were set-up for children. A Santa Express train (charging £1.50 for adults & £1 for children) also offered a quick trip around Princes St Gardens.

Overall the reindeer garden, Lapland village and train proved to be great attractions for this Edinburgh Christmas and it’s great that these events were all free, bar the Santa express train. A great attraction and I look forward to this returning next year. I might even participate in the 2008 Great Scottish Santa Run!

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  1. Wish I’d been in Edinburgh for this - I haven’t been back since January now. Think it’ll be a summer visit next time though, since last Jan was way too cold for my liking.

  2. what are santa’s ten reindeer names??

  3. i wish i would be there for christmas well as in new year time……..but what to do ,,it’s my bad luck…

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