Ice Bar coming to Edinburgh’s Winter Wonderland

Well, it’s about time Winter Wonderland offered something different, and this years answer is the Ice Bar. While I like the ice rink, assorted fairground rides (including big wheel), German Christmas market and other attractions which are here every year, they have become a little repetitive; especially to residents. Theoretically the Ice Bar can add something new - so this Winter we can don even more layers of clothing and take a wee drink in the Ice Bar.

The Ice Bar will be set up in East Princes St Gardens from Thursday 22nd November until 6th January 2008. It will be built by Ice Box, a company devoted to all things made of ice. The Ice Bar will also have ice models of Edinburgh’s Old Town and Edinburgh Castle plus a mini curling rink. However, there is a slight catch: it appears the bar will not be serving alcohol. The Scotsman article states “Hot apple and chocolate drinks will be available throughout the day at the bar, and the organisers also hope to secure permission for alcohol to be served at special events.” It seems a shame, but I’ll hold back judgment until I’ve seen the Ice Bar first-hand. However wouldn’t ‘The Ice Cafe’ be a more appropriate name?

With ‘She’s Gott It!’, a new events company hosting the Winter Wonderland this year there is reason to be optimistic. Their official press release is available, which lists other Winter Wonderland events.

So, the 22nd sees the official opening of Winter Wonderland, be sure to attend the gala (kicking off at 5pm) which will offer some talented ice skaters strutting their stuff and, I suspect, a few fireworks thrown in for good measure.

The Edinburgh Blog likes variety and Edinburgh’s Ice Bar should certainly offer that. Expect a full write-up post 22nd.

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  1. So what did you think of the ice bar?

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