Great Scottish Walk for anyone?

If the Great Scottish Run is not for you, or you’re looking for another event to enter: The Great Scottish Walk could be for you. This event started in 1998 and is wholly fund-raising based. You can choose between the 6 mile walk or going an extra 6 miles to make 12. The Great Scottish Walk takes place on Sunday June 18th this year. The 6 mile walk portion takes in Holyrood Park, Grass Market and Princes Gardens. The extra 6 miles head up to Leith and Ocean Terminal, calling past Meadowbank on the way back down. If you can’t manage 6 or 12 miles a 1 mile walk at Meadowbank stadium is also available for entering.

You can, of course, enter individually or as a team e.g. male team, female team or fancy dress team. Minimum four persons and maximum six for teams. It looks a good day out and fingers crossed that the weather will be decent for the walk. A wide range of charities are available to walk for, or you can walk for your own charity (but have to pay 10% of that raised to the Great Scottish Run should you not walk for one of the registered charities). As with any run or walk event in Edinburgh the scenery will be picturesque and I’m sure it’ll be a fun atmosphere for all those taking part and spectating. The official website is fairly decent and contains all the information you’ll need to decide if the walk is for you and if it is a PDF entry form is available to download. Alternatively you might see the Great Scottish Walk leaflet available at various spots around Edinburgh, this contains more information and the entry form:


If you do take part, feel free to share your experiences or photos with The Edinburgh Blog. Oh and for Children of primary school age or under the Great Wee Scottish Walks (website broken at time of writing) of two miles are on offer (the event in Edinburgh takes place 16th April 2006).

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