Fireworks at Meadowbank Stadium 2008

Another year and another organised fireworks display at Edinburgh’s Meadowbank stadium. The £4.50 tickets were stil available on the 4th of November, but eventually sold out sometime during the 5th. First tip for next year: ensure you book tickets in advance over the phone.

There were lots of children inside Meadowbank stadium, so it was no surprise to see stilt walkers and other funnily clad people entertaining the crowd. A dance off competition, the winner chosen by the strength of the audience’s cheers, between four children decided who would help press the button to launch the fireworks.

Leon Jackson, local lad and last year’s X-Factor Winner, provided the bulk of the pre-pyrotechnic entertainment. After an overlong introduction by the Real Radio team he belted out his latest single ‘Don’t Call This Love’. Next was a rendition of ‘Caledonia’ which had some of the crowd swaying their arms in the air, SNP conference style. He ended with his X-Factor winners song ‘When you believe’ Musically not my cup of tea, but he can sing. It’s without argument that Leon needs to work on commanding an audience with his banter though. The interludes between tracks were instantly forgettable.

The fireworks started at approximately 7.40pm and lasted 20 minutes or so. They were set to a relentless sound track, including themes from movies such as Gladiator and Frankie Goes to Hollywood’s ‘Two Tribes’. If you’ve seen the Meadowbank fireworks before this year’s firework display offered little new (fireworks are fireworks after all).

Meadowbank’s display is still the only real choice for organised firework displays in central Edinburgh. It’s also a very professional and spectacular display and highly worth seeing at least once. Final tip for next year: ensure you arrive reasonably early (advertised start time was 7.30pm so arrive for 7pm at the latest). Late arrivals find seating only toward the back of the grandstand, where the overhanging roof restricts the view of some fireworks.

Anyhow, I hope you enjoy The Edinburgh Blog’s fireworks video from Meadowbank Stadium.

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  1. What’s happening with meadowbank? Any idea?

    I know there was talk a while ago of it being knocked down, if it is surely fireworks there next year wouldn’t be possible?!?

    We stood on Calton Hill and got a decent view from there.

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