Saturday morning at Edinburgh Farmers’ market

There can be few better backdrops for a market than Castle Terrace in Edinburgh. This is where I headed on Saturday morning for the weekly Edinburgh Farmers’ market. The official website of the Edinburgh Farmers’ market is fairly decent and includes a PDF leaflet that lists all stallholders and on what dates they are present (some stallholders are there every Saturday, while some are less frequent). The market runs from 9am to 2pm and attracts a fair number of people - locals and tourists alike.

Stalls at Edinburgh's Farmers market on Castle Terrace (6) Stalls at Edinburgh's Farmers market on Castle Terrace (4)

Stalls are arranged along Castle Terrace and it’s great to stroll down the walkway the many stalls create and view each stalls produce. Billed as “when the countryside comes to town”, the Edinburgh farmers’ market has around 54 producers, of whom the majority directly sell what they produce. One stall selling meat products had a board displaying photographs of their farm and animals and many of the other stalls have little samples of their produce e.g. pieces of sausage on cocktails sticks.

Stalls at Edinburgh's Farmers market on Castle Terrace (5) Stalls at Edinburgh's Farmers market on Castle Terrace (3) Stalls at Edinburgh's Farmers market on Castle Terrace (2) Stalls at Edinburgh's Farmers market on Castle Terrace (1)

I was hungry and thirsty. And while most of the food is produce you will need to cook yourself, I throughly enjoyed an Ostrich burger from the Kezie stall. This was absolutely delicious and a good snack at £2.20. You can also buy tea and coffee; while the Stoats Porridge bar will sell you such delights as chunky orange marmelade porridge.

The real star of the show at this farmers’ market though is the produce you can take home and cook yourself. For example the venison on sale at ‘Fletchers of Auchtermuchty’ looked impressive (and their venison pies looked worth a purchase) as did the Aberdeen Angus steak at the ‘Well Hung & Tender’ stall. An impressive range of bread was on sale and I picked up a nice loaf of sourdough rye from Trusty Crust organic bakery, and a small apple pie! Other stores sell fish, chutneys, jams, eggs and even fruit wines! It really is great to see such a wide range of stalls selling fresh, mainly organic produce. The stall owners are mostly very friendly and will happily chat to you about the source of the product you are buying. Carrolls Heritage Potatoes were selling at £1.70 per kg, or £3.60 for 2.5 kg.

Produce on display at Edinburgh's Farmers market on Castle Terrace (1)

East Coast organics are another stallholer, who sell vegetables from a ‘biodynamic’ farm. Their box scheme is interesting. For £10 (per box) they will deliver a box of vegetables to your door of 11 items, including potatoes, carrots and onions. This can be extended to include a larger quantity, to include fruit, eggs, cheese or bread as well. This can be as a one-off to try the service or a regular order. I’m not sure how well this works in practice, but have heard good things about it from other people. You can sign up at the farmers market or using their website and for families who wish to eat fresh, organic vegetables from a trusted supplier, this door-to-door delivery service is certainly an attractive proposition. Please let The Edinburgh Blog know if you use this service from East Coast organics.

The Edinburgh Farmers’ market is free to look around, and so if you havent yet been I’d highly recommend a trip.

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  1. Don’t forget to go to Oink at the farmers market, great Hog roast rolls - not to be missed and you can buy their bacon and other meats too. Well worth the special trip.

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