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Guest editor here bloggers and today I am writing about a little butcher shop on Raeburn Place in Stockbridge called George Bower Butchers. This is a small but extremely popular butcher who specialises in game of all sorts and good old fashioned service with a smile!

Upon entering the shop you are greeted with a cheery hello, a great compliment and the best of scottish banter this side of the highland heather. Venturing in to join the line, you are suddenly in a different world. Hanging graciously from pegs along the back wall are numerous pheasants still adorned in their magnificent plummage which captivated me with their jewel like colours and sparkling natural shine. As I neared the front of the queue I could see that this was a real butchers shop, as the cabinet was packed to the brim with a wonderful array of goodies including corn fed chicken, brace of red pheasant and the most stunning deep, red and fat venison sausages I’ve seen in a long time.

Unlike most butchers shops, the smell of flesh and blood is not overwhelming and it is not clinical at all. The walls are covered in old paintings, tartan wool and stuffed birds. There is even a stuffed crocodile! But most of all is the warm welcome you recieve and the feeling of comfort and community provided by the happy staff. It’s what gives this shop such loyal custom.

I purchased a frenched rack of lamb and 5 beautiful gleaming venison sausages for less than a tenner. I haven’t cooked it up just yet, but when I do I will report back as to the quality, but I am sure it will be incredible.

I for one would recommend a visit to this edinburgh instituion in a flash and I’m positive that once you do, you’ll never contemplate returning to the supermarket to buy your meat.

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