The troubles of Westfield Road

Not long after three criminals attacked a Lothian bus driver, including stabbing him in the knee, it looks like further trouble has hit Westfield road.

Burnt out bins on Edinburgh's Westfield Road (2) Burnt out bins on Edinburgh's Westfield Road (3)

This afternoon I was having a stroll round the Gorgie/Dalry area when I spotted the entire contents of two communal bins strewn around the bin’s base. Upon closer inspection it appears that both bins had been set on fire: a clear act of arson. With the rubbish on full view along the road and pavement, it was a pretty disgusting sight. I’m not sure when this happened, but hopefully the local council will clear the mess up soon and repair the damaged bins. You wouldn’t bet against it happening again though.

What a bunch of mindless, stupid, idiotic and criminal fools. While Edinburgh is a genuinely nice and friendly city there are a small, but sizable, proportion of this city’s residents that should be locked away for a very long time. The craziest thing of all that a one bedroom flat on this road is currently for sale on ESPC at offers over £85,000. It’s a steep price to pay for knife wielders and arsonists operating on your doorstep.

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  1. Completely agree, lived in Gorgie last year in one of those very one bedroom flats and hated the whole expericene, Wardlaw St and surrounding is particularly bad… the place is a real mess these days.

  2. Although, i have to agree that this was an absolute sight for sore eyes, this road is not always like this! I have lived here many years and this was the first i have come across this sight. It was due to the roads being closed for the building of the new Sainsbury’s supermarket. This resulted in the binmen apparently finding it ‘difficult’ to empty the bins, and the bins were therefore full to capacity and overflowing - where alse were we supposed to leave the rubbish if after numerous calls to the council they failed to sort it out until they were set alight! I am pleased to say that it has all been sorted now and the street is back to it’s usual quiet self.

  3. This was a council issue as Derek rightly states. Not only did they fail to act diligently when faced with concerned residents, but the management of the roadworks in this area has been a disgrace and the workmanship is such that we can expect repairs being administered within a couple of years. I have lived in the street for a few years now and I have suffered minor vandalism to my car and youngsters (no older than 10) throwing stones across the street at me and other passers-by! It’s not pleasant but it happens all over the city where there is a lack of facilities for the youngsters. Is that another council flaw, or just a coincidence…?! I have to say however, that since the layout changed at the bottom of the road, the resultant increase in traffic flow seems to have improved the ‘feel’ of the street.

  4. I would highly recommend that you get facts rights before you write absolute garbage. As Derek and Fred correctly state; there was an issue with the rubbish being collected as a result of the on going redevelopment of the Gorgie area. I have had a quick glance through the site and do not see anything else where you have highlighted areas so called troubles, please correct me if I am wrong. I have lived on Westfield road and would have to completely agree with Freds point on the lack of facilities for youngsters, but never once did I come across any trouble. Perhaps you should have let Fred write this particular page for the blog as he clearly has an understanding of the issues regarding his neighbourhood. In the future I would stick to reviewing restaurants and hairdressers.

  5. Does anybdy think there is a problem wth the westfield bar, There has been many times of drunk people breaking into my stair door, and I have seen many police cars around and they are having a number of lock ins

  6. hi all. be prepared for worse in and around that boozer (the Westfield). ‘robbos’ bar along gorgie round, next to gorgie farm is closing shortly and if your not aware, this dump has been the matchday haunt of choice for the most unsavoury elements (bigots and casuals etc) of the hearts support for several years now (and a magnet for Hibs casuals up for a ruck on matchday as a consequence).

    word is that they’ll most likely be moving onto the Westfield now.

    you have my sympathies.

  7. Move every1 out
    crush the tennaments
    make a nature reserve

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