The cows of Edinburgh

I’m sure most of you are aware that 94 cows have descended on Edinburgh until Sunday 23rd July. This is Cow Parade Edinburgh and is billed as the worlds largest arts event, with business/organisations sponsoring a cow and then getting some artist or schoolchildren to decorate it. The Edinburgh Blog now has a dedicated page to ‘honour’ this event in Edinburgh’s history (page always accessible through main sidebar). Here we currently have original pictures of 37 of the total 94 cows and hope to keep updating this over the next month or so - so keep checking back for the latest cow snaps! I think my favourite so far is Robocow.

No 94 Robocow at Edinburgh Cow Parade 2006 No 56 Cosmopolitan Cow at Edinburgh Cow Parade 2006

Personally, I think it’s a great event for Edinburgh to have, not least because the tourists will love ‘em! Also, when I was out on Sunday taking pictures many families were following the ‘Cow Parade Trail’, which you can download a map of from the official Cow Parade website or pick up from Tourist Information Offices. It was great to see this Cow Parade event engaging families enough to stroll around Edinburgh and explore areas they wouldn’t normally visit. Of course, as with anything which is available to everyone, there has been a fair amount of vandalism to some of the cows and some have even gone missing. Give the cow back!

The only other disappointment is how long it’s taken the Cow Parade event to visit Edinburgh. I can remember it being in London quite a few years ago and it’s visited many other world cities since then, including Manchester, that incidentally had 56 more cows on display than Edinburgh… I’m not sure how many were left by the end though ;-)

Oh and if you fancy owning one of these cows yourself, you may have to hire private security to keep it safe, but at least you won’t need to feed it or pay the vets bills: they will be auctioned off for charity in September.

Anyhow, enjoy and don’t forget to check out The Edinburgh Blogs dedicated Cow Parade page. I’m sure you will have an a-MOO-sing time (come on I had to use it at least once).

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