The amazing smoking number 30 bus

It’s been a busy time for Edinburgh’s Lothian buses. First off they raise their minimum journey fare to £1; so no matter how many stops you travel it will always be a £1. Then the staff had a day on strike yesterday in support of keeping rule 85, that entitles eligible employees to retire at 60, without penalty. And today there I was stood outside the Caledonian Hotel on Princes St when a number 30 Lothian bus shot up Lothian Road, creating a smoke-screen from its exhaust that looked like some elaborate special effect from a Hollywood movie. Only it wasn’t.

I managed to grab a few shots of the aftermath of the smoke (although it had cleared somewhat by the time I’d whipped the camera out) and of the offending bus, when it parked up on Princes St:-

Smoke from number 30 Lothian Bus on Princes St, Edinburgh (2)

Smoke from number 30 Lothian Bus on Princes St, Edinburgh (1) The number 30 bus that pumped out all the smoke on Princes st

It looks like having to work past 60 might be the least of the drivers problems with buses like this!

2 Responses to “The amazing smoking number 30 bus”

  1. For a moment, I thought this was going to be a post about the cheek of those who continue to smoke on (even single deck) buses.

    Great photos though!

  2. LOL - I saw a new Lothian bus on my way to work this morning and it said “Service with a Sparkle”. Maybe it should read “Service with a Bang!”

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