Sainsbury’s Superstore coming soon to Gorgie

The demolition of the warehouse buildings at Westfield in Edinburgh;s Gorgie area (near Murrayfield stadium) is well under way as the picture below shows:-

Sainsbury's Superstore development at Westfield, Gorgie (1) Sainsbury's Superstore development at Westfield, Gorgie (2)

After the demolition, work will begin on an 800,000 square feet Sainsbury superstore and another 25,000 square feet of retail space will be available let.

At the moment residents of the Dalry/Gorgie area have a couple of smaller Somerfield supermarkets to choose from or further afield there is the ASDA superstore at Chesser. I for one am welcome to the development after recent awful experiences at the Somerfield store on Dalry Road. This store is often poorly stocked and understaffed, as I witnessed on Saturday with huge queues and only a couple of staff serving. The deli counter is often left without anyone behind it and many customers, including myself, have just walked away without making a purchase. This Saturday the shopping baskets were also piled so high that they towered higher than the customers in the queue. With customer service this bad I don’t think Sainsbury’s will struggle for custom!

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  1. Sadly it’s not a Waitrose but you can’t have everything. You should try the Asda which is not too far from the Somerfield - just up chesser and then turn left up past the fruit market.

  2. Hello! Good work with the blogging.

    I’m dissapointed to see another Sainsburys being built. Is our city not confident enough to develop our own stores or markets?
    What a golden opportunity to develop something different missed, once again, and another drain as money goes out of our economy and to Holborn-based Sainsbury PLC.
    And then the council will want us to abandon all our cars and get busses and trams everywhere. Who else sees the irony of walking across a huge car-park?

    Anyway, if we are happy to get a Sainsbury’s so be it! I suppose not everyone has the pleasure of living on Easter Road and shopping at Valvona and Crolla :)

    In regards to Waitrose, I came across an interesting article on why it’s gone so bad in recent months. I don’t know much about the world of business, but this interested me:

    Best to you all,


  3. i live very close to the new sainsbury..rubbish location for sainsburys ..should have got an argos or a john lewises..thats what we need here.. not an overpriced supermarket !
    we have somerfield , asda, tesco.. all withing a 2 mile radaus.. WHAT A WASTE !

  4. Give Sainsbury’s a try it’s not as expensive as everyone expects.
    If t’s a big store you’ll get the works. Clothes household obviously food but try it remember Tescos swallowed up Lows, Asda is taking over the world and Sainsbury’s is still hanging on to it’s identity

  5. I have to say… I like sainsburys, I like the good food. Still, there were probably better things to go in that space.

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