Google Street View comes to Edinburgh

Google Street View has now launched in the UK. The initial offering includes comprehensive coverage of Edinburgh. If you go to and drag the little orange man you can start experiencing Edinburgh from a street-level perspective.

The images were taken last year and Google has neglected to include Princes St and George St in the coverage, owing to road works. I’m not quite sure why Thistle St was excluded though. These three streets would surely have been amongst the most useful Edinburgh inclusions on Google Street View, especially for tourists craving a virtual wander.

I’ve picked out three interesting sights:

1) A guy giving the Google Street View the two fingered solute outside the Odeon cinema on Lothian Road

Man giving Google Street View the salute in Edinburgh

2) A familiar sight to all Edinburgh commuters - two Lothian number 22 buses right behind each other on Leith Walk

Two 22 buses next to each other on Google Street View's Leith Walk, Edinburgh

3) Good view of Edinburgh Castle from Castle Terrace.

Good view of Edinburgh Castle from Google Street View on Castle Terrace, Edinburgh

Other UK cities receiving the Street View treatment by Google include Aberdeen, Dundee, Glasgow, London, Sheffield, Nottingham, Manchester, York, Cambridge and Leeds to name only a few.

I have to say, despite the privacy concerns, it’s a very impressive technology and a great way to get a feel for a location before you visit. It’s also a great way of finding your destination in advance, which avoids wasting hours wandering aimlessly. You can also find where the bus stops are and work out how close Lothian buses will drop you off to your final destination.

I’ll twitter any further Edinburgh ’sights’ I find. Let me know if you find anymore…

11 Responses to “Google Street View comes to Edinburgh”


    Should hopefully work, but it’s a guy giving the camera a one fingered salute in East Market Street!

    Regards, Alison

  2. Hi there,

    I found your weblog on the net. I tried Google Maps Edinburgh the other day, but I was disappointed to find that Princes St and most other streets around it have been “banished”. I find this quite odd, do you happen to know why did they do it??

    Thanks man,

  3. The Google car could not go along Princes Street as is it is bus and taxi only.

    They got busted all over for various traffic offences.

    One could create a panorama from photos taken on foot or bus.

  4. Waah!
    I absolutely love this feature. Now I can revisit all the places just sitting at my home :)

    Tarun Chandel

  5. yeah this feature is great,

    but Bunny, Princess Street is closed because of tram project, that’s why “google car” couldn’t get there
    I think Edinburgh Council will do exception for Google,

    btw. great blog!

  6. Google Street View is a great feature. However how can they take a photo of a guy giving the two finger solute and publishing it!

    Great blog

  7. Street view of Edinburgh now no longer appears to be there. Strange.

  8. ignore previous. found the orange man.

  9. whrn will grangemouth be on street veiw camara was here last year ?

  10. Have you any pictures of Polwarth Gardens ,Gilmore Place and surrounding area???????

  11. I love the idea of Google street view but the privacy issues surrounding there controversial plans concerns me. Did you hear that there looking at investing in UAV (or similar) spying technology to provide more up to date birds eye imaging?

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