George St in Traffic Chaos

Hello - this is not the usual blogger today. I’m a special guest with a little bit to say about the chaos witnessed in George St today. Edinburgh’s premier street is no longer a full thoroughfare for traffic. Along with the recent addition of traffic lights to the many roundabouts, the council, in their infinite wisdom have closed off various points which lead onto the street by inserting lovely silver bollards forcing all traffic away from the once vibrant and busy street. Of course someone forgot to tell the local bus company!

I had the amusing opportunity of watching a double decker bus try to execute a reverse three point turn on George St today at the Frederick St junction. Bemused shopper and office worker alike stood and watched in amazement. A complete testament to the skill of the bus driver in question, I could barely three point turn a car on George St at the best of times, but not a testament to the city council. Somewhere someone must have been responsible for telling the bus company about the change of plans…you would think? Unless of course the poor bloke was away on holidays when this all came to fruition and his chums at the depot thought it would be a laugh to withhold the information.

In addition to this humerous spectacle, I also witnessed traffic queuing, to try and get onto George St at various points only to be faced with these wonderfully meanacing bollards. They stood proud and solid as drivers just sat in their cars staring at them furiously. I think maybe some of them thought these bollards would just automatically disappear into the ground if they stared long enough.
Eventually they were defeated and were forced to beat a hasty retreat as they grimaced at the victorious bollards. Or is that stanchions. I can never be quite sure! The guess the name of the object is immaterial. I’m sure the motorist of Edinburgh have their own word for them now.


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