City Cabs goodbye…Central Taxis hello!

Over the past few years I’ve have been loyal to City Cabs , as my black cab provider of choice in Edinburgh. I’m not sure why. It’s a loyalty born out of advertising where you get familiar with their number (0131 228 1211) and always tend to use them when ordering a cab. Until today they were the only black cab firm in my mobile phone: not anymore. Today I deleted the number of City Cabs and replaced with 0131 229 2468: Central taxis, who boast that they are Edinburgh’s largest black cab taxi company.

So why have I dumped City Cabs and do I know Central taxis to be any better? Well, the answer to the latter is no; but I’m not expecting Central taxis to give any worse service than City cabs. And let me say: this is absolutely nothing to do with City Cabs drivers. I’ve always found them adequately friendly, and have always done their job of driving me to my destination pretty well.

Tonight was the final straw. I dialled City Cabs and the phone rang and rang and rang. After around a minute no-one had answered. I hung up and re-dialled. The same result. For some reason I persisted, and kept my misguided loyalty. The third attempt yielded no response. At this point I phoned one of my friends and got the number of Central taxis from them. This isn’t an isolated incident. A while back I phoned City Cabs and after the phone rang for a fairly long time a computer answered my call. It said something like “welcome to our automated booking system..blah blah blah…number not recognised”. The phone then started ringing again and I was put through to a human operator. Frustrating and irritating to say the least. Other times the phone has rang and rang, like today, and no-one has answered. Sometimes they have no cabs in my area and I have been told to try again later by the operator (fair enough if they have no cars in my area: at leasts that’s being honest with me. But perhaps I would prefer a cab company that has wider, more distributed, coverage). And another occasion I can remember receiving the text message to say my cab was approaching, only for it not to turn up. It took three calls to get another cab, with the operator admitting she didn’t really know what had happened to my first cab. However the fact of the matter is that when I call a cab firm I expect my call to be answered. City cabs don’t seem able to manage this consistently, so I won’t be calling them again.

Tonight I got through to a very plesant operator at Central taxis within 5 rings; within 3 minutes I was in a black cab. Central gave me, as is standard practice, a few rings to say my cab was approaching. It’s worth noting that there seemed no price difference between Central and City cab firms; but I think this is expected with the City of Edinburgh Council setting the tariffs.

I’m not saying Central taxis are better; I’ll have to see in a couple of months time if they are, or not. But with the choice of black cab firm in Edinburgh, and too many disappointments in the booking system with City cabs I’m willing to at least give them a try!

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  1. I have used city for years and no problems at all. I shall not try to explain the technical side of taxi firms as i fear your tiny mind wont handle it. Ur prob just a pain in the ass customer who has now dumped themselves on central

  2. billy the kid on June 19th, 2010 at 12:25 am


  3. Use edina private hire, i have used them for the last 2 years and had no problems what so ever, fast and friendly sevice. 0131 656 9888. i dont like black cabs there so unreliable and uncomfy compared to private hires.

  4. Central and city are coming one company in the next year I start to use Edinburgh city private hire 2 years ago. I thought private hires be no good but I tell you is it 30% off the fare the cars are clean and u want to know the best bit u only have to wait a max off 10 mins for a car going use them just once and u well see you save money and also u will not wait long there number is 01314774000

  5. margaret dunn on May 10th, 2011 at 4:28 pm

    Eh Hello - this is obviously an advert for Central Taxis - City Cabs are far superior. This kind of advertising shouldn’t be allowed. Why on earth would anybody go to this extent other than to promote a particular company!! City Cabs answer their phones straight away - think about it - why would they want to loose customers - not in their interests!

  6. pinnnnociooo on May 10th, 2011 at 5:39 pm

    Try another one darren. Driving instructor job not doing too well

  7. Completely agree with Margaret Dunn…. it’s so blatently obvious that this is someone from Central trying to bad mouth the competition. I’ve seen and heard this sort of thing coming from them before (I know a couple of people who work there). It comes across as so unprofessional…. why not just concentrate on improving yourself instead of bad mouthing your competitors. I don’t have any particular loyalty to Central or Citycabs…. however, the last time I tried to use central I was right outside their premises in Gilmore place (St Peters buildings). I had an urgent call from my son’s school and had to go get him. Taxi was parked up outside the office. I went in… no-one knew where the driver was. I was told to go along to their other offices where the call centre is as that was just their admin office. I was about to just phone when the driver turned up out of the insurance offices next door… I got in his cab and it was reeking of cigarette smoke! Now I thought I would have been illegal to smoke in a taxi!??? anyway, it put me right off them.

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