Announcing Edinburgh’s Best

What’s the best Italian restaurant in Edinburgh? Where’s the best sushi in Edinburgh? What’s the best walk in Edinburgh? These are just a sample of the questions frequently received by The Edinburgh Blog. Today I have launched, which attempts to answer questions like these.

Edinburgh’s Best is, initially at least, concerned only with the absolute best in each category. The emphasis of the website is very much on user interaction: you can challenge each category. For now the challenges will determine where The Edinburgh Blog next visits. And the opinion of whether the challenger is better than current best will be determined by The Edinburgh Blog. Obviously this is subjective, so if Edinburgh’s Best gains in popularity I will likely make deciding ‘The Best’ a more democratic process. More information about Edinburgh’s Best is available.

I see Edinburgh’s Best as a resource for folk local to Edinburgh, but also a useful resource for tourists visiting Edinburgh. I know when I’ve visited foreign cities, often for only a short time, it’s been difficult to find the absolute best places to visit.

Edinburgh’s Best is very much in the early stages of development, so please bear with me while I ramp up the content and features. Also if you spot any problems please let me know. As ever, I’m especially keen on your feedback; specifically what you think of the concept/site design of Edinburgh’s Best, any categories you would like adding and, most crucially of all, any categories where you think you know better!

Either e-mail the blog (, where X is @) or Edinburgh’s Best (

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