Abseiling down Edinburgh castle

I noticed these yellow hatted persons who had just finished abseiling down the rock face of Edinburgh Castle this morning, as I walked down to the Grassmarket. I have no true idea of what they were doing, unless they were checking for dislodged rocks. It looked like good fun though: just a shame I didn’t see them until their descent was almost finished:-


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  1. Blimey, just stumbled across this website as I was about to turn in. You been stalking me???
    I saw those ropes on Friday night as I walked from Shandon to the High St. Aye, no big deal, but I was at the Stand on the Thursday night too and your rightly reviled Mr Devlin had a go at me.. and tedious it was.
    Oh.. and I was in the crush at the Hearts parade. At Haymarket of course cos the old great-uncle was in the Edinburgh Battalion at Arras. And the old gent serving in the Diggers is Eric. And I was in Oloroso too so recently. Lumme.
    Tomorrow I hope you’ll be reporting that Islay is the place to get away this summer… Caol Ila to you. btw .. yer video is almost downloaded…..

  2. We’ve been walking the same street… I got a shot a little earlier in the day when they were farther up: http://www.flickr.com/photos/kplawver/151821477/in/set-72057594143083867/

  3. You are correct - the road from the Royal Mile down to Castle Terrace was blocked for about five days, because there had been a small landslide/ rockslide which was caused by a night of significant rain and gale force winds. This disturbed my regular walk to work, because I had to take the long way around via Grassmarket. Oh well, safety first, I guess!

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