Mylo at the Corn Exchange

Another guest editor has kindly supplied a review of the recent Mylo gig. Read on….

I was lucky enough to have the fortune of attending the Mylo concert on Wednesday night at the Corn Exchange, Edinburgh. It was Mylo’s opening gig of the “Destroy Rock and Roll” album tour and I can safely say it was one of the best gigs I have ever attended! His set was refreshing and the crowd loved him. His set opened with more of his downbeat electronica cuts such as “Vallley of The Dolls” and “Muscle Cars” and crescendo’d into the more upbeat disco style tracks such as “In My Arms”. The encore of “Drop of the pressure” is one I’ll never forget….. the crowd went wild and the genius from the small Isle of Skye seemed to be thoroughly enjoying himself as
well. The after-show party continued into the small hours at the Honeycomb nightclub where Mylo was performing an additional set. I would love to have gone but with work commitments very early the following morning I opted against it. I can imagine that in such an intimate venue that it would have been fantastic and I was sad that I missed it.

It was my first time in the Edinburgh Corn Exchange and although I liked the venue for the visual and sound, I found the bars to be dreadfully staffed with only two people serving to a mass of thirsty music lovers! I had to wait almost twenty minutes to be served a single drink which I did find somewhat irritating. The cloakroom was another poorly staffed area and I decided to hold onto my jacket to avoid the horrendously long queue. With the queues aside I had a fantastic night and would recommend everyone to go and see Mylo if they get the chance! I’m extremely appreciative to my mate who sold me his tickets as he was no longer able to make the gig… so a
huge cheers to him and sorry that you couldn’t have made it there too!

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  2. Windsock McFozzard on January 3rd, 2006 at 11:27 am

    Wow, I love Mylo!

    I just hope he does a gig mear my home town soon!

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