Edinburgh Festival Fringe Review: Tim Vine The Joke-Amotive

Having never seen Tim Vine before I didn’t know exactly what to expect. So:

  • just plain daft. tick.
  • peppering of audience with a constant stream of one liners. tick.
  • Tommy cooper style stand up. tick.

Tim Vine The Joke-Amotive promotional advert

Tim Vine’s The Joke-Amotive stand-up show is a fast paced hour of inoffensive silliness. Inventive one liners, cheesy gags and clever plays on words come out of Tim Vine’s mouth at a ferocious rate. It’s sometimes hard to keep up. Ridiculous songs (where-else would you hear a number entitled “is it a banana or is it a torch”) and dancing that wouldn’t be out of place at a three year old’s party intesperse the onslaught. He also has a bag crammed full of cheap props e.g. can you guess what the gag is when Tim pulls a card with “BNAG” written on it out of his bag.

Some of his jokes don’t work as well as others, but that doesn’t really matter. Within minutes Tim Vine has sucked the audience into his silly world. Even the corniest or silliest joke raises a laugh. Other comedians would probably leave the audience stoney faced, except for a polite ripple of laughter. Not Tim Vine. He is hysterically funny.

Tim Vine’s enthusiasam, art and invention is refreshing in a Fringe where many comedians relay on observational humour, audience barraging and downright offensive content for their laughs. The journey aboard Tim Vine’s Joke-Amotive will not disappoint - definitely one to get a ticket for. Highly recommended stand-up comedy.

Tim Vine - The Joke-Amotive is showing at The Pleasance Courtyard, Edinburgh at 8:43pm, until the 30th August 2010. Tickets are £16, or £14.50 concessions.

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