The Honourable Men Of Art, Festival Fringe review

Daniel Kitson, Andy Zaltzman, David O’ Doherty and Alun Cochrane blend together in comedic and entertaining brilliance at The Honourable Men of Art, which is surely the best late night comedy show the Edinburgh Festival Fringe has to offer.

The Honourable Men Of Art promotional material Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2008

With a free structure Daniel Kitson, as artistic director, excels. Kitson is so comfortable at The Stand comedy club, it’s incredible. From the onset he runs proceedings, with well-timed interventions from his supporting cast. Andy Zaltzman, illuminated by a torch whenever he’s put on the spot, is the stooge. Sarcastically described by Kitson as “the meat in the sandwich” it’s Zaltzman who is asked to deliver on-demand one liners and Zaltzman who will end the evening failing miserably in a limbo competition.

The Honourable Men of Art is an absolute whirlwind - one moment Daniel Kitson’s magic trick has gone wrong and he’s soaked a guy on the front row with water; the next moment the roles are reversed and it’s the audience member spraying Guinness over Kitson. Kitson swaps seats with another guy in the audience as we’re led into a game of quick fire charades; the next minute our host is stood on a chair swaying his body and singing some music… in his element.

Later David O’Doherty plays his keyboard and sings his heart out on stage; Kitson hears his emotional outpouring and hugs him. There’s also expletive humour from Alun Cochrane and a short political skit from Zaltzman. The interchanges between the comics are bursting with energy, especially the digs at O’Doherty over his if.comedy nomination.

At its core The Honourable Men of Art is an example of just how good Daniel Kitson is. Whereas most other comedians have a limited number of routes for their material, it seems Kitson has no limits. He oozes originality; randomness; perhaps even ingenuity. Helped brilliantly by the others The Honourable Men of Art is the must see comedy show of the Festival Fringe 2008.

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