Festival Fringe review: Miles Jupp, Fibber in the heat

If Fringe shows were measured by how quickly the hour passes then Fibber in the heat, by Miles Jupp, would top our leaderboard. This is a sublime hour of understated comedy and expertly crafted storytelling. While celebrating England’s victory in the 2005 Ashes series, Jupp looked up at the press box. First he decided how lucky those with prized press passes are and secondly he decided that by the time England toured Indian in 2006, he’d be joining them. A few phonecalls later and Miles Jupp had the necessary credentials.

Miles Jupp - Fibber in the heat promo

This might sound like a show for cricket fanatics only, but it’s not. Though, a knowledge of cricket and its personalities will mean you get more out of the show. There were also a few cricket loving Indians in the audience, purring at some of Jupp’s statistic recitals. Ultimately anyone can relate to a good story. And this is certainly a good story. Tales of meeting his heroes, blagging his way past armed security guards and experiencing the “delhi belly” are delivered with aplomb.

Fibber in the heat is everything you’d want from a Fringe show, all delivered with humour, charm and charisma. Definite recommendation.

Miles Jupp - Fibber in the heat, is showing at Gilded Balloon Teviot until 29th August at 8pm.

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