Edinburgh Festivals 2007: The Edinburgh Blog itinerary

It’s no reason to complain, but August does seem to come around awfully quick. It seems like only yesterday that I was enjoying all the Edinburgh Festivals had to offer in 2006. Anyhow here’s the lineup of shows that The Edinburgh Blog has already booked this year along with the reason:

Simon Amstell - No Self - (His show got good reviews last year, so thought i’d see what the fuss is about)
Mark Watson - Can I briefly talk to you about the point of life? (Saw his Fringe show last year and it was hysterical, so more of the same please)
Fuerzabruta (Still don’t really understand what this is about, it said something about pyrotechnics and the audience getting wet. Seems different so I chose on that basis)
Lucy Porter’s Love-in (Not sure about this, but I wanted to balance things up with a female comedian, so I hope this will be a wise choice)
Playing Burton (You have to see a play and I’ve gone for the quality of a Guy Masterson & co production)
Frank Skinner (Never seen him do stand up live before, so this opportunity was too good to miss.)
Stephen K Amos - More of me - (Recommendation from a friend who said he was funny)
Bad Film Club (I like movies, so this comical look at some big box office flops should have enough content to keep my interest. Also it’s on at 11.30 at night, so if the shows not great the alcohol should improve it)
Brendon Burns - So I Suppose This is Offensive now (A funny, no holds barred guy, so I’m hoping this will entertain)
Daniel Kitson (For the past two years I’ve been told to see Daniel Kitson and I never have. That all changes this time round)

They’re all the Festival Fringe shows I have booked; nothing booked as yet for the Edinburgh International Festival. I have booked tickets to see Richard Dawkins talk at the Edinburgh International Book Festival, that I think will be interesting.

And incase you need a reminder, here’s the timings of the main festivals coming Edinburgh’s way in August:

That is by no means a complete list, but should whet the appetite. I’ve linked through to the official website, so you should be able to find out the programme details, book tickets, etc. from there. Also lookout around Edinburgh for the printed programmes, they’re really useful for finding a random show if you can’t make up your mind about what to see.

I’m looking for recommendations for other shows, especially art, so please leave a comment with anything that’s caught your eye. And if anyone out there would like to contribute to The Edinburgh Blog during festival season then please e-mail me at mailXtheedinburghblog.co.uk, where X is @

3 Responses to “Edinburgh Festivals 2007: The Edinburgh Blog itinerary”

  1. I saw Lucy Porter two years ago, very good!

  2. Daniel Kitson is well worth the time — I’ve seen him five or six times in the last few years and both his stand-up and plays have been great.

    Hope you have a great time!

  3. Hi, I enjoyed reading your blog about the fringe festival, I was there last year and stayed in a Hotel Edinburgh and had a fantastic time, I would recommend it to anyone.

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