Des Clarke: Clarxism, Edinburgh Festival Fringe review

Des Clarke, is a genuine Scottish comic, who originates from Glasgow. His latest show Clarxism, as well as being a great education in Scottish slang, loosely follows a light political theme. While Clarke stops short of creating his own political movement, he does canvas ideas from the audience on what annoys them and what can be done about it. The eventual aim is to present the top choice of each night to Deputy First Minister Nicola Sturgeon later in the year. Whether anything will change is highly doubtful, but it does present Clarke with a good structure to work from.

Des Clarke, Clarxism - Edinburgh Festival Fringe promo

None of Des Clarke’s political encounters made me laugh more than Gordon Brown, especially the prime minister’s attempt to make conversation with the younger generation. When Clarke gets a cue from an audience member for some of his set material, the show gets genuinely funny. The references to bird flu in Fife, the chance meetings he’s had with other political figures and a very good wrap up playing on “Des Clarke with an e” were particular stand outs. The audiences annoyances will change each night, which fits Des Clarke’s quick thinking and ability to turn any subject into good comedy material very well.

At least this attic venue where Clarxism is performed does have air conditioning, albeit less effective than it should be. As Clarke says if you don’t like the noise “tough because it’s far too hot”.

I found Clarxism a rather charming and humorous show, which fits the 1820 timeslot very well. It provides a great opportunity to enjoy a home-grown funnyman. Recommended.

Des Clarke: Clarxism, is showing at the Pleasance Courtyard - Above, until the 31st August 2009.

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