Daniel Kitson ‘It’s the fireworks talking’, Edinburgh Festival Fringe review

Daniel Kitson’s stand-up show didn’t start until half an hour before midnight. The Stand Comedy club was extremely hot; worse for those having to stand. Kitson acknowledged this in his ‘admin’ section before the main show and warned there would be times in his show, when mo matter how good the comedy, we would find ourselves looking at him and thinking **** off. For those of us thinking that way towards Daniel Kitson we were advised to ride it out for a few minutes and we would get right back into it. However I never found myself feeling even the slightest hint of animosity toward Daniel Kitson, despite searingly high temperatures and ignorant bar staff at The Stand having annoyed me before the show. Infact I left Daniel Kitson’s stand up show, which lasted over one and a half hours, thoroughly glowing. His show was the best I had seen at this years Edinburgh Festival Fringe.

Daniel Kitson came onto the intimate stage at The Stand complete with short hair and huge beard. From the moment he spoke I instantly liked his delivery style. It was like listening to an intelligent friend at the pub. Kitson seemed very self confident and danced through his set in impeccable fashion. Not once did Kitson resort to anything other than generally clean, extremely well crafted humour; it was a refreshing change with many comics relying on racism, terrorism, sexuality or plain abuse for the main laughs of their sets. Kitson proved there still exists the ability to craft excellent comedy, without resorting to stereotyping or darker subject matter.

When explaining how the shopkeeper, obviously a firework expert, had sold him a ‘massive’ firework I nearly fell off my uncomfortable stool with laughter. Daniel Kitson continually showed his ability to read the crowd, even waiting for someone to return from the toilet, before saying we’d be here ’till dawn if this continued. At times Kitson was an animated figure on stage, like when describing his first steps into the water when paddling. Or when showing his excitement for fresh unspoilt snow by heading out in the middle of the night to crunch through it. If there was a message coming through, it was to enjoy the simple things in life and take pleasure from them.

When a guy on the front row looked like the evening was getting the better of him and his eyes were shutting, Kitson demonstrated his green underpants. He warned others who might be contemplating sleep, to remember the green underpants. The show converged together at the end, when after a fireworks show, Kitson told his parents he loved them. To which they replied to him with the shows title.

Daniel Kitson is one of the most gifted comics I have ever head. He keeps the audience attention brilliantly and words flow from his mouth like a lyricist. His descriptions are almost poetic at times and he loves to explore the English language, even managing to fit tabard into his set. His show was delivered as one long story, but full of sub stories

Daniel Kitson made me laugh through great stories and ingenuity; not cheap tricks or shock tactics (so by this years evidence unfortunately not the right criteria to win the comedy award, like Kitson did in 2002)

Brilliant show. Brilliant comic. The best stand up comedy I have seen at this years Edinburgh Festival Fringe. Make sure you see him next year.

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