Daniel Kitson: It’s always right now, until it’s later

Daniel Kitson epitomises everything that is still great about the Edinburgh Festival Fringe. Every year Kitson returns, either to the Traverse theatre or the Stand comedy club, with something original. This year it’s a play - “It’s always right now, until it’s later”. Kitson never charges an inflated sum of money, even though he’d be guaranteed a sold out run. This year his play starts at 10am, apparently because Kitson wanted to have the rest of the day to “see stuff and eat and sleep and mess about”.

It's always right now until it's later, Daniel Kitson promo image

Twenty-eight lightbulbs dangle on stage, accompanied only by a chair and a stepladder. The bulbs represent moments in the lives of two ordinary folk, called William and Caroline. The moments they experience are nothing special, or at least that’s what you begin to think, until Kitson’s script hits you right in the face and shows why all of these moments are special.

This is the perfect play for Kitson’s unique and beautiful talent to take the ordinary and make it extraordinary. Words rattle off Kitson’s tongue, in an effortless fashion. We’re guided through life, death, birth, marriage and more. Again, it hardly sounds groundbreaking, but few efforts have been this touching and precise.

“It’s always right now until it’s later” is certainly the most powerful, moving and poignant of Kitson’s work I’ve seen. The scriptwriting ability of Kitson, his astounding delivery and comedic gift make his talent both distinguished and masterly. Astounding.

Daniel Kitson was performing “It’s always right now, until it’s later” at the Traverse theatre, as part of the 2010 Edinburgh Festival Fringe.

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