Dan Nightingale: Geronimo, Festival Fringe Review

Dan Nightingale is pleased with the turnout for his ‘Geronimo’ solo show; apparently the first three nights were performed to single figure audiences. That said the Delhi Belly venue is hardly on par with Danny Bhoy’s 900 seater venue, a fact Nightingale acknowledges with playful bitterness.

Dan Nightingale Geronimo programme extract from Festival Fringe 2008

It’s immediately apparent that Nightingale is the friend who would give any night at the pub longevity - with his down to earth and easy going delivery. This, his first solo show, has no running theme; rather Geronimo is a collection of Nightingale’s day to day observations, stories and anecdotes.

The first 15 minutes of Geronimo struggled: at worst awkward, at best mildly amusing. Most of the audience wanted to laugh, but the content just wasn’t there. Thankfully the show gradually began to splutter to life. The evening’s biggest laughs came from Nightingale’s well constructed tales, which were vividly recreated and energetically delivered. Many of Nightingale’s observations worked well as they were easy to relate to; in particular the way he articulately details many of modern man’s anomalies. The most frustrating element was just when you thought Nightingale was on a roll, the momentum would end and would take a short while to rebuild.

Nightingale has the solid foundations to become an excellent solo comedian. Geronimo is definitely worth the ticket price, especially if you prefer the intimacy of a show with a comedian like Dan Nightingale, rather than the “stack ‘em and pack ‘em” philosophy that big name comedy at the Fringe has become.

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Dan Nightingale’s ‘Geronimo’ solo show runs at the Underbelly until 24th August at 1950.

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