Craig Hill - Kilty Pleasures: Festival Fringe Review

Craig Hill stormed onto the Ballrooms stage at Edinburgh’s Assembly Rooms wearing his trademark black leather kilt and to the tune of Madonna’s Hung Up. He jumped off the stage and launched into a long, hilarious, energetic and totally camp dance that included moves such as dancing the robot and swimming the fish across stage. For the next hour he continued to entertain, allowing audience members to warm to him and providing a constant glow of playful, merry and often hilarious humour. This was a great stand up show and Craig Hill’s Kilty Pleasures show is definitely one to watch at this years Edinburgh Festival Fringe.

Assembly Rooms on Edinburgh's George St - Festival Fringe Venue No 3

After the dance and as the audience regained some composure Craig began some banter with the crowd. He started with a few persons on the front row where he picked a guy and his pint of Guinness and ended with a female couple, who were planning their wedding at a barn on the Cotswolds. It was good natured humour, never offensive and in good spirit. Craig’s razor sharp wit, cutting comment and hilarious mannerisms made this totally enthralling.

Tales from his own life such as what he thought his cleaner had said and how the next day he remarked “This show is writing itself” or what Craig thought the cows, in Edinburgh’s Cow Parade, should have been called, ‘COWch” infront of Habitat and I’m sure you can guess what he thought the cow outside of Evans should have been called! He also spoke of his time on ‘Craig Hill’s - Out Tonight’, his Friday night BBC programme, with comments such as what he suggested the show could have been called, not suitable to repeat here! Also, Craig isn’t afraid to launch into one of his famous, silly song and dance routines, like when talking about his ex-boyfriend called Jesus.

The only criticisms would be with the Assembly Rooms venue itself. This show took place in the upstairs ballroom where the temperature was hot, the tiered seating lacked room for my legs and it’s inclination was such that the head of the person infront obscured my view. Also was stating there were no available tickets for the last night of the preview show I visited (Sunday night), but there were many empty rows at the back. A show of this calibre and sheer enjoyment factor deserves a full house every night of the week. He shouldn’t struggle to get them.

Highly recommended - camp comedy which was never over the top; at it’s best, from an all round, genuinely funny entertainer at the top of his game.

Craig Hill - Kilty Pleasures runs at the Ballroom in the Assembly Rooms (venue no 3) on Edinburgh’s George St until the 28th August, with tickets costing £11.50 or £12.50 depending on night.

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