Camille O’Sullivan - The Dark Angel, Edinburgh Festival Fringe review

Camille O’Sullivan is a firm Edinburgh Festival Fringe favourite. Before last night’s performance of her The Dark Angel show, I was unitiated and slightly ignorant of this French-Irish singer and entertainer. After five minutes of Camille’s show last night I was a convert and after the full 75 minutes I was a fan. Niggles about paying £16 a ticket and queueing for what seemed like an eternity were easily forgotten.

Camillie O’Sullivan walks through the audience in full funeral attire before launching into a haunting rendition of David Bowie’s ‘My Death’, backed perfectly by her five piece band. But soon the hair was down, the robes discarded for a corset and fishnets, unveiling a more playful Camille. There continued to be a mischievousness and randomness to Camille throughout ‘The Dark Angel’ - sprawling over (male) members of the audience, swigging red wine from the bottle and flashing her sequined pants.

This is not straight forward cabaret - Camille assumes a unique personality for each of her songs. So while performing Tom Waits’ ‘Misery is the river of the world’ she appears possessed while acting out the rowing motions and changing her vocal; Dillie Keane’s ‘Look Mummy, no Hands’ is beautiful and sad at the same time; Trent Raznor’s ‘Hurt’ (later covered by Jonny Cash) was a harrowing performance, with Camille in white make-up and smudged lipstick.

Camille’s vocals were pitch perfect and hugely emotive all night. A rawness and vulnerability in many of the performances was balanced by the joy and delight in others. This is one of the most enjoyable, different and talent filled shows in Edinburgh this August. Must see.

Camille O’Sullivan ‘The Dark Angel’ is showing at Assembly Hall until 31st August 2009 at 2200.

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  1. That’ll be Jacques Brel’s “My Death” as covered by David Bowie in Ziggy Stardust the movie?

    Great blog!!


  2. Fab - best gig i have been to on the fringe since B A Robertson !

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