Bank of Scotland Fireworks Concert 2008

Another year; another festival season; another night of fireworks. This year the Scottish Chamber Orchestra performed Brahms Hungarian Dances and Dvorak Slavonic Dances, which were very enjoyable pieces, to over 100,000 fireworks. The cascading waterfall fireworks were the evening’s most spectacular sight: Edinburgh Castle really is a wondrous backdrop to such a visual feast.

Despite the programme advertising a running time of 45 minutes, this year’s fireworks display lasted just under a hour. This felt too long, especially judging by the number of people leaving Princes St before the firework display’s end. People watching at Inverleith Park have also passed similar comments regarding the length to me.

The short video below brings some of the sights and sounds of the Bank of Scotland Fireworks Concert 2008 to life. Next year I hope the fireworks are a little shorter and a little punchier. Still a must-see though.

2 Responses to “Bank of Scotland Fireworks Concert 2008”

  1. Great video especially of the waterfall which you can’t see that well from Inverleith Park where I watched. Do agree it shoud be a bit puchier next year - last years marches had a bit more umph!

  2. I thought they were excellent. Enjoyed a picnic in the gardens and had a 1st class view of the waterfall.
    People were leaving early to escape the crowds at the end.
    I thought the time was fine. If it had been shorter we would have been moning that it wasn’t long enough.
    We had a lady from New Zealand with us and she thought that they were amazing!

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