Bane 2, Festival Fringe review

Set in the dark streets of New York, or was it Gotham City, Bane 2 is a one-man show performed with pace, flair, boundless energy and tongue firmly in cheek. This is the world of Sam Spade and film noir: hats pulled low, strong cigarettes, back allies and violence. Our hero, the mob enforcer, Bruce Bane, tumbles through a series of comic encounters with characters from the dark side of town: the snitch, the Russian mobster and his muscle, the fat Italian, the stairwell crazy, the backstreet quack and many others.

Bane 2, Edinburgh Festival Fringe promo

Each character was vividly brought to life by employing swift changes of voice, expression and gait – a truly awe inspiring physical and artistic effort on the part of the main man, Joe Bone. The action was accompanied by a dark and brooding live acoustic guitar set, which both propelled the action and added to the fog of drama. With a cunning twist at the end, which made me realise how much I’d been sucked into the story, I was left wanting more of this dark and satisfying brew. Luckily the original version of Bane is being reprised as part of this year’s Fringe for a Fiver (where does he find the energy). There is also the promise of Bane 3 to come.

A great show. Recommended.

Bane 2 is showing at the Pleasance Dome until August 29th, during the Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2010 at 8.20pm. £9.50 a ticket.
The original Bane is showing at the GRV, Guthrie St, also until the August 29th at 5.40pm. £5 a ticket.

2 Responses to “Bane 2, Festival Fringe review”

  1. HI Guys,
    this one man show is really brilliant and deeply impressiv .Its really hard to find the right words for such an amazing show….. I’really looking forward to Bane 3

  2. Bane is the most extraordinary show I have seen. The humor, subtlety and joy used in the creation of this masterpiece cannot be understated. I believe Bane deserves a wash of 5-star reviews. Anything less comes down to personal-preference, but as a show - regardless of your likes/dislikes, it deserves a solid 5 stars, two thumbs up and an A+.

    The show is sold perfectly, it fits itself within its own genre and accomplishes exactly what it intends to. A great story told well with a variety of interesting theatrical techniques to enhance viewing pleasure from a wide range of audiences. An infallible 5 stars.

    I agree, where does he get the energy, the envy of actors everywhere.

    Let the world discover Bane.

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