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The Edinburgh Blog is an Amazon Associate, meaning that revenue is earnt for each product bought from Amazon through using the links to their products on this page, where I have picked some products that may be of interest. There is also a general search box for Amazon, incase you have a particular product in mind. The Edinburgh Blog thanks you for your support :-)

Edinburgh guide books & Edinburgh maps

Scotland The Best, the fantastic guide to Edinburgh and the whole of Scotland was reviewed here on The Edinburgh Blog. I would make this a definate purchase, whether you are coming to visit Edinburgh or are resident here. It really is invaluable!

Edinburgh DVD and Video

Festival, the movie of the Edinburgh Festival following the ‘ behind the scenes trials and tribulations for all those taking part in the Edinburgh Festival’ is now available on DVD. This will be reviewed shortly on The Edinburgh Blog.

Edinburgh music

Why not enjoy the sounds of the Edinburgh military tattoo with a copy on CD, or enjoy some of the eminently popular Ceilidh?

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