Wannaburger that’s good?

Wannaburger has an orange sign hanging over their premises on Edinburgh’s Royal Mile and a few tables nestle on the pavement outside. During good weather, like this past Sunday, the front of the restaurant opens up creating an airy alfresco diner. The layout of Wannaburger is fairly modern and light, and exudes casual, relaxed eating. Wannaburger’s slogan reads ‘irresistible burgers and shakes’. On Sunday I only sampled their burgers, but irresistible wouldn’t be an unfair term to use.

The MOS burger at Wannaburger on Edinburgh's Royal Mile

The burgers are listed in the menu with their name and ingredients. We chose the following for a late lunch:-

  • the MOS: sauteed mushrooms and onions, melted Swiss cheese, salad, mayo and relish. Cost ¬£7.50
  • the aussie: fried egg, fresh pineapple, beetroot, mature cheddar, salad mayo and relish. Cost ¬£7.95

When ordering, you specify whether you would like a beef, chicken or bean burger. Lacking adventure, we both chose beef.

Service was friendly, quick and efficient; our server was Australian and I think most of Wannaburger’s staff are students or seasonal workers. Cold fizzy drinks (Sprite and Fanta) were the order of the afternoon and these cost ¬£1.95 each, but you did receive a large glass that lasted the whole meal.

Both burgers were totally huge and consumed the whole plate. I attempted to eat the burger conventionally, but soon found myself cutting the toasted bun in half and using my knife and fork; fingers alone were not up to the challenge. The beef burger was cooked to absolute perfection and was 100% quality beef, exhibiting true quantity and unequivocal quality. My MOS burger was stuffed with quality ingredients and the mushrooms/onions made a great, albeit messy, combination. The Swiss cheese had melted just enough. My dining partner’s Aussie burger was fantastic, with the brilliantly fresh pineapple providing a welcome and refreshing tint. The beetroot and fried egg worked really well and this was a great burger for such a Summers day.

The bowl of chips we had ordered to share (¬£1.95) were the chunky cut variety and were, like the burgers, very good. I was pleased that Wannaburger’s chips were the thick cut variety and not the thin and frail frozen fries that many Edinburgh eateries serve up.

Our server asked if we could muster the chocolate brownie or baked cheesecake on the desserts menu. The answer was a resolute no, and I’d be surprised if the dessert menu was called into action very often given the humongous size of the burgers. Our bill was promptly delivered along with a small glass full of M&M’s. A loyalty card, complete with one stamp, was also delivered. Six stamps, or approximately ¬£45 on burgers, and you receive a free one.

Exterior sign above Wannaburger on Edinburgh's Royal Mile

Just one aspect of my visit to Wannaburger was not enjoyable and that was the huge dome sitting over the cobbles of the Royal Mile directly outside the restaurant. This is Edinburgh Council’s 1.5 million pound revamp of the Royal Mile where the cobbles are being cleaned, repaired and relayed. I can’t imagine it’s good for business and even though the works are due to be suspended in time for the Edinburgh International and Fringe festivals, it still detracts somewhat from eating on the Royal Mile; who wants to sit on the pavement tables seeing and hearing a building site no more than a metre away?

So in conclusion, even though Wannaburger does not provide the cheapest burger you will find in Edinburgh, though it’s not overly expensive by any means, it’s certainly one of the best and comes highly recommended.

9 Responses to “Wannaburger that’s good?”

  1. I went today on your recommendation, and i wasnt dissapointed, it was cute and kitch and the burgers were amazing, service lovely and it was quick, thanks for the recommendation

  2. oooh great review! and a droolworthy photo too!

    i’ve been going to wannaburger for a couple of years now and have perfected the technique of taking the skewer out of the burger, and re-stabbing it so one half is secured, then you slice the burger in half. That way you can eat one half nice and daintily without it exploding all over the plate, and the second half is ready and waiting.

    i always wonder if those desserts actually exist, surely noone could fit ‘em in? especially if you also guzzled one of their divine chocolate shakes :)

  3. i was very disapointed with, not only the burger but the attitude and service from the staff.

  4. Very disappointed with attitude from staff - you expect much more when you are paying upward of ¬£7 for a burger. Won’t be back…

  5. Really great food, let down by the dreary staff, lack of imagination in seating and interior design (uncomfortable plastic chairs and no natural lighting in the back of the restaraunt make upstairs of Princes Street’s Burger King seem more attractive).
    If you like bored, indifferent, staff, and enjoy looking at cleaning products while you eat, this is the place for you.
    I’d rather eat Greggs sausage rolls sitting in the rain of Hunter’s Square than go back again. Avoid.

  6. […] as the bar can get busy. The Cambridge Bar is run by Jon Clemence, who is also the man behind Wannaburger and The Caley Sample Rooms. Recently Wannaburger has opened new premises in the West End, not far […]

  7. angus mccready on March 16th, 2008 at 10:40 pm

    the surroundings were fine , the service was good , the burgers expensive , the burgers were uncooked and raw and out of 10 people in our party 9 burgers had to be replaced , the chips were good thank god and so were the onion rings, large glassess of juice but at just under £2 a time what do you expect. will most definetly not be back!!!!!

  8. I’ve been to both wannaburgers on the Royal Mile and the west end, several times. The burgers aren’t cheap but then I don’t want to eat really cheap, rubbishy meat… have always found the staff very pleasant and the ambience v good, especially at the west end. would highly recommend!

  9. went to the royal mile one recently (have to say to comment 4 - no natural light… have you SEEN the buildings on the royal mile you muppet… they are 100’s of years old!!!).

    Burger was good, expensive but you get good meat in your burger for that - let down by the desserts which had to be returned… staff were busy but friendly - functional is all i would say about them

    A busy road with a busy burger bar - they do the best they can but it can always get better. Might give it one more try.

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