Trick or Treacle

Upon entering Treacle you immediately feel comfortable and content, in trendy yet unpretentious surroundings. The interior design of Treacle is cool and funky without being over the top. Especially likeable are the manga style mural on the upper level and the padded blue and pink doors of the respective male and female toilets. The staff’s informal yet attentive attitude fits with the look and feel of Treacle. As a destination for drinks, perhaps sat on the large tables with comfy seating or as a destination for laid-back dining Treacle proves a real treat.

Interior of Treacle, Broughton St, Edinburgh Deep fried brioche doughnut with ice cream at Treacle, Edinburgh

Treacle’s menu is varied and the excellent range of breakfast dishes mean I’ll be back some morning in the future - the eggs Benedict delivered to a nearby table looked delicious. Treacle offers a good range of sandwiches all served with their hand-cut chips and also a range of small dishes, which include sharing platters. If your appetite demands more then Treacle’s menu has a large dishes section which includes pies, fish and chips, and pasta dishes.

We started with the mushroom soup from the small dishes menu. The soup and its accompanying fresh crisp baguette was a worthy effort for ¬£2.95, although the strong aniseed flavour may raise an eyebrow or two. The steak and ale pie (¬£8.95) wasn’t the usual puff pastry topped version: it was a ‘proper’ pie. Inside were tender pieces of steak, carrots and a thick sauce which had a pleasingly palpable ale taste. The hand-cut chips were faultless and I liked their presentation in a little metal bucket. The Treacle fishcake (¬£4.95) didn’t suffer from my usual qualm of too much potato and not enough fish, infact it was packed with delicious flaked fish and served with a fiery sweet chili sauce and leafy salad.

Unfortunately Treacle’s chocolate brownie was unavailable, so on advice from our waiter we tried Treacle’s deep fried jam filled brioche doughnut (¬£4.95). This was the most unhealthy dessert I’ve eaten in recent memory; a fact not helped by its enormous size. Unhealthiness aside the doughnut was pure sugar-coated indulgence and the accompanying homemade vanilla ice cream was a treat in itself.

A good cocktail menu, a fair selection of wines and a good range of beers including Tiger on draft (¬£4 a pint) complete Treacle’s accomplished offerings. Treacle provided The Edinburgh Blog with a hugely enjoyable Halloween lunch and it proved a great bar to relax and enjoy drinks in.

After just one visit Treacle is firmly in the “will return soon” category. Recommended.

Treacle is located at 39 Broughton St, Edinburgh, EH1 3JU
Telephone: 0131 557 0627

2 Responses to “Trick or Treacle”

  1. I love Treacle as well but will have to try that brioche doughnut sometime and not think of the calories !

  2. I have been to treacle many times and thought that i had unearthed a hidden gem that i could keep for myself - that all changed when i went for lunch on saturday. Busy, busy, busy. Loved it all the more - the same chilled out atmosphere, the same great staff/service and same great food - admittedly i had a glass of wine in my hand now, rather than the green tea i usually have.
    Love treacle - i cant say it enough….oh and by the way, i have tried the jam doughnut thingy and it is amazingly fattening, unhealthy and of course delicious as all wicked things are!!

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