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The Standard on Howe St in Edinburgh’s New Town was where I ate an extremely tasty and filling Sunday lunch yesterday. The Standard opened up last year and an excellent job has been done with the styling of this Edinburgh bar/bistro. If you’ve not gotten past the upside down sign outside I would highly recommend a trip inside The Standard just to see the fabulous New York styled interior; with art deco twists like some of the lights. It really is excellent, and no expense has been spared with terrific burgundy coloured leather seating, imposingly solid tables, great photographs/art on the walls and terrific sounding Bose speakers in the ceiling. While we were there the music was playing away, but while audible and punchy it never once interfered with our conversation; a good sound-system that many bars in Edinburgh could take note of.

The Standard, Edinburgh, Howe St From outside The bar at The Standard, Edinburgh, Howe St The interior of The Standard, Edinburgh, Howe St

The place was ticking over with trade but we had no trouble being seated toward the back of the upstairs level. Service was very friendly and efficient. We were handed the permanent menu that is a large piece of card with dishes on one side and a decent wine selection (served by the glass or bottle) on the reverse. A portable specials chalkboard was left at our table. My dining partner ordered the Sunday Roast from the specials (£8.90) and I opted for the corn-fed chicken pie, served with creamy mash (£7.95). We also ordered a large basket of Garlic bread as a side for £1.75.. The Standard also serve starters, which we skipped - their mains offer a good selection including steak, beefburger, leg of duck, salad and lighter snacks such as sandwiches.

Sunday Roast lunch at The Standard, Edinburgh, Howe St Cornfed chicken pie and mash at The Standard, Edinburgh, Howe St

The food came out in good time and was absolutely terrific. I like large portion sizes and The Standard certainly didn’t disappoint. The Sunday Roast had two nice cuts of rib-eye beef and was served with a fair amount of roasted potatoes and vegetables. The beef was good quality and cooked very well; the vegetable and potatoes were very good indeed. The Chicken pie was served piping hot and had plenty of meat inside that combined brilliantly with the leek and wild mushrooms also in its content. There was a heavy serving of mash potato by its side that was done well. The mains were very good value for money and in no way made me regret not having a starter.

For desert I ordered the Chocolate Brownie. This was nice, but I think a better description would have been chocolate cake: certainly not a dish I would classify as a brownie. It was served with a dollop of mint ice-cream, that didn’t seem to complement the dish all that well. Also, at £4.50 it seemed a little over-priced. Their Baileys bread and butter pudding with Creme Anglaise is my target for when I next visit The Standard.

Supposed Chocolate Brownie The Standard, Edinburgh, Howe St

The Standard also serve breakfast. It’s a great place to call into for Lunch or for a few drinks and excellent quality food that will fill you up. The main courses offer excellent value for money and will suit most people. What they do; they do well.

Edinburgh could do with more bar bistros like The Standard. Matching the exceptional decor and the high quality offering of this Howe St venue will be difficult though.

Note to The Standard: Keep up the Standard you’ve set ;-o

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