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With Edinburgh’s current run of good weather the popularity of the Teuchters Landing pub in Leith is unsurprising. This bar has a large outdoor seating area facing out towards The Shore and no-one seems to mind if you sit along the small wooden bridge, should the seating be at capacity. I think we’ve all been faced at some point in time with the dilemma of whether to continue drinking even though you know you need food or break the continuity of the night by heading for a sit down bar or restaurant meal. Teuchters Landing’s Mug menu offers a very welcome alternative approach to informal dining.

Soup and cullen skink from Teuchters Landing' Mug Menu Highland venison casserole & haggis stovies at Teuchters Landing, Leith, Edinburgh

The interior of Teuchters Landing has changed considerably over the past year, since the “A Room In” group took over the Waterfront’s premises. The changes have been for the better with a repositioned bar and open plan layout attracting the crowds. A good wine list, solid beer selection and special Summer drinks such as Pimms mean Teuchters Landing has the alcoholic drink angle well and truly covered.

On previous visits to Teuchters Landing I was intrigued by their ‘Mug menu’, which is served from 12pm to 10pm. With eyes bigger than our bellies we ordered a small cullen skink (£3.95) and small soup (£2.95) to start with. The cullen skink was very good, with ample fish and just the right creamy texture. The carrot and butternut squash soup was the perfect texture, but it was a little fiery for its recipient’s tastes.

I was torn between the large venison casserole (£6.95) or large fish curry (£5.95) for main. Eventually I chose the venison, which was a humongous mug packed with deliciously cooked meat and vegetables. Although this would probably be a better choice in Winter than Summer! The haggis stovies (£5.95) in the other mug were pretty good, but again a better dish in Winter than Summer! Perhaps we should have contented ourselves with a half pint of strawberries (£3.95), half pint of prawns (£4.95) or a cheeseboard. We ended the Mug menu stuffed; which is really our own fault for ordering too much heavy food.

So as long as you don’t order too much food (as we did!), the Mug menu at Teuchters Landing is a great solution to satisfy the food cravings brought on by an alcoholic drink or three in the sunshine. Teuchters Landing is definitely one of the best bars in Edinburgh to enjoy the Summer sun.

Teuchters Landing is located at 1c Dock Place, Leith, Edinburgh.
The blog reviewed their “A Room In Leith” restaurant previously.

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