Super noodles at Wasa noodle bar

The Rainbow Arch Chinese on Edinburgh’s Morrison St has been operating for a long time. The folk behind this restaurant have recently opened their latest venture - the late-night Wasa noodle bar, which is entered through a separate door on Morrison St. A short walk up the stairs leads to a small open plan dining room, whose basic interior raises memories of Chop Chop, which occupies the other end of Morrison St. Wasa noodle bar is certainly true to its name with a choice of seven different nooodle types, each of which can be served fried or as a soup.

Thai style aubergine at Wasa, Edinburgh Shredded noodle prawn soup at Wasa, Edinburgh

Wasa noodle bar is geared to the informal/casual diner, who is looking for very reasonably priced food. All starters are £3.50, while most noodle (or rice) dishes are £7 each, with none above £8.50. The noodle bar wasn’t very busy when we visited just before 7pm, but I can imagine the popularity of Wasa rising considerably throughout the year. The Thai style aubergine for starter was delicious, with a nice crisp batter and a delightfully zingy salad accompanying it. The paper wrapped chicken is unusual to say the least; our waiter opened the package up at our table to reveal four pieces of chicken on the bone. As you’d expect the meat was extremely succulent, although with no seasoning or sauce, it proved a little bland for our tastes.

We stuck to conventional mains and rejected the more interesting Wasa offerings such as fish head vermicelli soup, mackarel with chicken fried rice or fish head with cocunut rice. Our waiter, who proved friendly and efficient, insisted I try the noodle soup as it was “very good”. No arguments from me there - the shredded noodles were excellent and the large tiger prawns were plentiful. Very good value. My own fried ho-fan noodles with mixed meat came piled high on the plate. Again, this was super dish with a generous quantity of duck, char sui and chicken through it. Wasa noodle bar serve a full pot of Jasmine tea for the bargain price of 80 pence, although I stuck to the bottled Tsing Tao, at £2.80 a pop.

Apparently Wasa, can be translated to English as “wow”. With regard to Wasa’s noodles that seems a very fair description. Recommended.

Wasa noodle bar is located at 8-16A Morrison Street,Edinburgh EH3 8B
Telephone: 0131 221 1288

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  1. I did not expect the diversity of cuisines that are on offer in Edinburgh restaurants when I went up to visit some family. It’s amazing. While I did go to Rainbow Arch Chinese, and thoroughly enjoyed myself, Wassa Noodle bar was not yet open. Next time, I think Noodles would be far tastier than a kebab on the way home from the pub…

  2. Great review.

    I just got some takeaway from Wasa. I didn’t expect it to be such an uber cute little oasis up there. After walking up the long staircase with plain bright white walls, I was really surprised to pop out in a cool-looking place.

    I was dull and got Singapore noodles because although I hear they don’t even exist in Singapore, they taste so good and the rice noodles are less stodgy than udon or the like.

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