Sunday Lunch at The Mitre, Royal Mile

On Sunday I found myself on The Royal Mile and here I went to The Mitre pub, situated just opposite the Radisson hotel, for some Sunday lunch. The Mitre is a traditional Royal Mile pub whose history on the back of the menu talks about the supposed haunting of its cellar. There are some seats at the front and a large seating area through the back, with the kitchen and bar occupying the centre ground. The pub is atmospherically lit and the decoration is very traditional Scottish with tartan seat covers and the like.

This pub operates a policy of ordering the bar, so you look through the traditional pub food menu and then head to the bar with your table number. I went for the Steak and Ale pie at £6.95, although in hindsight I wish the Sunday Lunch (£6.50) had been chosen, as it looked particularly appealing and filling on other diners plates. The Mitre have other dishes that looked like good pub food such as traditional fish and chips (£6.50) or 10oz rib-eye steak (£8.50). As you can see, the price of food at the Mitre will meet most persons budgets and the simple pub food will meet most persons palates.

Steak and Ale pie at The Mitre, Edinburgh

The Steak and Ale pie was delivered to my table within 20 minutes and the mash potato I had chosen over chips looked particularly appetising, as did the serving of carrots, cauliflower and broccoli. The taste of the mash potato did not disappoint. A whole pie was served that had great pastry. However, where was the gravy? It was practically inedible for me without gravy to pour over my meal and the gravy inside the pie, was not sufficient. I asked our server and was told it was an extra £1.25 for gravy! I of course paid this, but was disappointed to be given only a very small amount of gravy for the money. I shared it with my dining partner, but we really needed a gravy serving each - or even two! This was disappointing not to have been given gravy with the meal, or advised that it was not served with gravy when ordering. Although £1.25 does not break the bank, it’s disappointing to be hit with this surcharge; and many other diners were pulling their server up to ask where their gravy was also. Not to mention that peoples meals were going cold while playing ‘Hunt the gravy bowl’. The pie was nice though and extremely filling: so good value. It could have done with a little more meat inside it though. About a year ago I had a Steak and Ale pie from Clever Dicks, the pub just a few metres further down the Royal Mile. I believe that pie to be superior to the Mitres.

Anyhow, it was still an enjoyable setting and a decent and normal pub to eat some pub food in. Although, if going back I would choose something other than their steak and ale pie i.e. something that doesn’t require gravy! The Mitre is also a good venue to enjoy a drink on The Royal Mile, and is particularly appealing during Summer when you can sit on one of the few tables outside and people watch.

3 Responses to “Sunday Lunch at The Mitre, Royal Mile”

  1. Ever tried “Petit Paris”? They will do you a nice lunch and bring you extra bread, iced water and effortless good service for a modest amount of cash.

  2. To be honest, no matter how good the food was, I wouldn’t return to a pub if this happened to me. It stinks of being less than honest with the customer regarding prices. I certainly don’t know anyone that could eat a steak and ale pie without gravy, and it’s rather sly of the management to charge £1.25 for a small pot of it when they KNOW 9 out of 10 diners will want one. Not very impressive to say the least.

  3. Boooo! No gravy?! What the bi-jeebus was going through the owners mind when he decided that one?! Did you ask to see the manager, so they could make note of the direness of such a situation?!

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