Ryan’s Bar for lunch

I’d has the occasional drink at Ryan’s Bar in Edinburgh’s West End and attended a private party in their basement once, that Ryan’s prepared a tasty buffet for. So, wanting a change from the usual George St haunts and with some confidence from that buffet I popped into Ryan’s Bar for a quick lunch last week.

Chicken Fajitas at Ryans Bar, Edinburgh Fajita accompaniments at Ryans Bar, Edinburgh

Ryan’s Bar will, given its prominent location, attract a fair number of tourists and that was true last week with many persons having seemingly spotted the huge sign above the door and made their way inside. We sat in the ‘conservatory’ style glass rim that sits around the more traditional interior of Ryan’s bar. It was pretty warm here, but not overbearingly so and from our simple seat we had a view of Hudson’s bar diagonally opposite. The menu of Ryans is fairly traditional, wholesome pub food at very reasonable prices. There was certainly a fair selection on offer, including:-

  • From the Grill: 8oz Sirloin Steak (¬£11.95), 8oz Fillet Steak (¬£15.30), Homemade burger (¬£5.95), Chicken breast (¬£6.50)
  • Sandwiches & Baked Potatoes: Fillings such as chicken, bacon and brie (¬£4.95) or smoked salmon and cream cheese (¬£5.50). Sandwiches were all absolutely huge and served with fries (prices ¬£5.95 - ¬£7.50)
  • Main courses: Traditional Irish stew (¬£5.95), beer battered haddock (¬£7.95) and venison bangers and mash (¬£6.50)

Ryan’s Bar also serve a selection of pastas, salads, lighter bites (including mussels by the half kilo or kilo) and desserts. We opted for the soup of the day, that was creamy savoy cabbage (¬£2.75), plain salad (¬£3.95) and chicken fajitas (¬£8.50). This being a bar we were happy to wait and enjoy a few drinks from Ryans extensive selection (Kronenberg lager was ¬£3.25 a pint). Service was decent, if not a little difficult to grab the waitresses attention e.g. when wanting another drink or to pay the bill - but nothing to complain about.

Creamy Savoy Cabbage Soup at Ryans Bar, Edinburgh Salad at Ryans Bar, Edinburgh

Our table was not big enough to hold all the dishes when they arrived: Ryan’s Bar serve big portions, of that there can be no doubt. The soup was in a gigantic bowl and accompanying it was a huge block of crusty bread. I pity anyone who had ordered the soup as a starter! However it was really tasty, with a perfect texture. The salad was average, but again was served in a huge bowl and there was enough here to serve a couple of people. And the Chicken Fajitas provided the largest portion size I had ever seen, with a generous serving of chicken and many onions. The fajitas were pretty good, albeit it standard fare, and the huge bowl of accompaniments (salsa, cheese, etc.) proved very tasty. Somewhat bizarrely though I was only served with four tortillas. This was nowhere near enough for the huge quantities of filling I had been provided and with over half the chicken left, I had to eat with a knife and fork.

Overall though Ryan’s provided a good quality bar meal with portion sizes so large that no-one should leave this bar hungry! I can see myself heading back to Ryans for a bite to eat before a night on the town or for when visitors/family are in Edinburgh it would be a good, informal location for lunch and the menu would have something to suit everyone’s taste. Oh and it wouldn’t break the bank.

Just please serve more tortillas with your fajitas!

Ryan’s Bar is located at 2-4 Hope St. You can see the location on Google Maps.

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