Nepalese curry at The Khukuri

I’d walked past the Khukuri, a Nepalese restaurant on Edinburgh’s West Maitland St, on numerous occasions. Only on Sunday night after yet another recommendation from a friend did I venture inside. They do a good curry I had been told time and time again. Thankfully I, nor any of my group, did not leave disappointed.

The Khukuri has an unassuming entrance and inside you find a narrow restaurant with images of Nepal and the imposing Himalayan mountain range adorning the walls. The staff are dressed traditionally and provided attentive, polite and very respectful service throughout. We did find the restaurant a little quiet, but after asking the waiter to play some traditional Nepalese music on their stereo, the atmosphere soon improved. While browsing the book like menu we enjoyed some poppadoms with the usual accompaniments (75p each). This being the first Nepalese restaurant I had been in, I was happy to see a Nepalese beer (also called The Khukuri) on the menu. This came in a large bottle, although it was brewed in Manchester, England!

Solukhumbu Bhenda curry dish at the Khukuri in Edinburgh.jpg Vegetable rice at The Khukuri in Edinburgh.jpg

For main course I and my dining partner ordered the Solukhumbu Bhenda curry dish. This is described in the menu as:-

A famous dish from East Nepal. Long slices of Lamb stuffed with minced meat and cooked in onions, ginger, garlic, tomato and the Chefs special spices.

It certainly did not disappoint, although it was hot enough to sting the tongue and made my eyes slightly water. It’s tastiness was without doubt and at ¬£8.15 it provided decent value. Accompanying this we had vegetable rice (¬£2.85), chick pea rice (¬£2.75) and a keema nan (¬£2.65). All were very good.

Together with dozens of Nepalese influenced dishes Edinburgh’s Khukuri also have traditional favourites like Bhuna, Vindaloo and Korma on their menu.

Overall Edinburgh is not short of decent curry houses, but The Khukuri holds its place very well and provides some Nepalese dishes that are a little different from the norm. Highly recommended.

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  1. A good review, agree with most of what you have said. I have eaten here 3 or 4 times now and thouroughly recommend it.

    A couple of things to add though: The beer you mention, called Khukuri, sells at £4.95, which although it is very nice, is frankly quite a ridiculous price for a bottle of beer in a restaurant. The other thing to say is that the meal you enjoyed called Solukhumbu Bhenda is indeed delicious, but actually costs £10.95, not £8.15 as stated.

    We ate there on Sat 22nd April 2007 and it seems a very short time since your review for the price to have gone up by nearly £4.00. I have eaten there midweek and weekends, the prices are the same.

    We ordered 2 main dishes (£10.95 each), a vegetable side dish (£4.50), 2 pilau rice (£2.95 each), 2 chapatis (£1.10 each), 1 pint of beer (£2.95) and a glass of red wine (£2.95).

    We enjoyed eveything we had and thought the service was super.

    It is worth noting that their own website is hopelessly incorrect (maybe just needs updated), as the prices they give on it are not at all accurate, so be warned!

  2. I went to the Khukuri for the first time last night after my husband raving about a previous visit. It did not disappoint. The food was amazing. My son particularly enjoyed the chana puri starter and the aubergine I had for main course was to die for, although the star was the Khukuri Sun Koshi Machha which was salmon marinated in spices - the most expensive thing on the menu but really something special. What also impressed me was the very good selection of vegetarian dishes. At just under £100 for four of us plus drinks, and very good service this place was a treat and I would go back any time.

  3. hey ,,,,,i’m jamuna’s fren……..i like the way u are….and have a nice and jamu have seen ur restaurant few times in internet…..and we liked it….jamu is missing u so much…

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