Morningside for Loopy Lorna’s Tea House

Loopy Lorna’s is all a bit, well, loopy. Meanwhile Bennets bar at the side of Loopy Lorna’s is anything but loopy - it’s a stark contrast, but at the same a great complement. It’s tea houses and bars like Loopy Lorna’s and Bennets which make Morningside such a quirky and interesting area to live in or visit. Loopy Lorna’s is a tea house you just know is going to be good; at least that’s what we were banking on when making a quick trip across Edinburgh in time for 5.30pm last orders on Sunday. Loopy Lorna’s did not disappoint.

Chocolate  at Loopy Lorna's tea house, Morningside, Edinburgh Banana cake and tea pot at Loopy Lorna's, Morningside, Edinburgh

Loopy Lorna’s is quite far down Morningside Road and is on the corner of Morningside Road and Maxwell Street. Loopy Lorna’s is a tea house for anyone, demonstrated by the group of friends sat by the window, the newborn baby and her mother at the table next to ours and the three joggers at the table behind. The interior catches the light very well and perfectly captures the quirky, fresh and accessible feel which I’m sure the owners intended - a job very well done.

If we hadn’t have eaten such a large lunch the temptation to order Loopy Lorna’s traditional afternoon tea (¬£12.95 each) would have proved too much. Instead we needed three loops around Loopy Lorna’s dazzling array of homemade cakes before we made up our minds. I chose a wonderful chocolate cake with maltesers on top and a light mousse filling (¬£3.95). This was absolutely fantastic - a humongous portion of pure chocolate heaven. The banana cake (¬£2.95) my fellow tea house tripper ordered had the perfect taste, but it was too dry (probably because it was the end piece and our visit was late in the day). A slight shame as I’m sure earlier it would have been faultless.

Loopy Lorna’s isn’t cheap, but it isn’t expensive either. Our large pot of morning tea (¬£3.45) was so large it nearly took two of us to lift! The teapot came dressed in a vibrant pink and green knitted tea cosy, complete with little pink rabbits around its top. If you want to recreate part of the Loopy Lorna’s experience at home the tea cosys are available for purchase. Usually we’d order Darjeeling tea, but as this was on Loopy Lorna’s specialty tea menu it was a whopping ¬£6.50 for the large pot!

The exquisite attention to detail, the vast offerings (breakfast, lunch, sandwiches and ice cream are all on offer) and great service show Loopy Lorna’s is ran as much more than just a business - there is a real passion behind it. Loopy Lorna’s is the tea house every Edinburgh resident wishes was just round the corner from them.

Loopy Lorna’s is located at 370-372 Morningside Road, Edinburgh, EH10 5HS
Tel: 0131 447 9217

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  1. I went to Loopy Lorna’s the other week, I thought it was very good too, although I’d agree that the prices are a little steep. Still wish I lived closer though!

  2. Not been in yet as it’s always packed when I go past.

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