Lunch club at Ramzes grill & steak house

There can be very few restaurants where fillet steak is offered alongside pizza, burger, fish and chips, and takeaway kebab. Ramzes, advertised as a steak house and grill, is one such rarity. With its distinctive Egyptian head branding Ramzes has opened in Canonmills on Brandon Terrace. The Palkhi Indian restaurant, a place I seldom saw busy, used to reside here. My first experience of Ramzes was through The Edinburgh Blog’s new regular feature - Lunch Club, where three of us venture out into Edinburgh to feedback on a reasonably priced lunch.

Chicken kebab at Ramzes for lunch in Edinburgh Pizza for lunch at Ramzes grill and steak house, Edinburgh

Reasonable prices are something Ramzes certainly have, with nothing on their lunch menu above £5.45. Further unexpected value came in the form of a pending drinks licence; we could have made more use of the free cans of Budweiser, but with an afternoon of work ahead we thought better of it! I believe Ramzes will continue to offer Bring Your Own Booze (BYOB) so a lunch or evening here is unlikely to break the bank.

I opted for chicken shoarma, which proved a struggled to spot alongside the potato wedges. Seasoned cubes of chicken and potato wedges, with some coleslaw on the side, won’t get anyone’s pulse racing and I was a little jealous of the wrapped kebab one of my fellow lunch club members had ordered . Their chicken kebab was served in foil, with a satisfying mixture of salad and sauce. The potato wedges were in enough quantity to suggest the chef’s hand had slipped when emptying them out of the freezer bag. The pizza, at under a fiver, was loaded with meat and while not the most authentic pizza you’ll ever taste, it provided thorough satisfaction.

I would be in no rush to order a £15 fillet steak, when doner meat and chips with curry sauce is prepared in the same kitchen. Ramzes strikes me as a place which has gone for the ‘catch all’ approach and in doing so it offers a wide choice with solid, yet simple, outputs across the board.

The final verdicts on Ramzes from the lunch club members were:

“Cheap and cheerful lunch or takeaway, would think twice about dinner”

“Basic but surprisingly satisfying”

“More than reasonable sit-in kebab house”

Ramzes is located at 9 Brandon Terrace, Canonmills, Edinburgh, EH3 5EA
Telephone: 0131 557 4828

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